Afternoon Kisses~

It Starts In the kitchen,
Music plays,
I’m playing with flowers.
He changes the music,
Comes up behind me,
Wraps his arms around me,
Pulls me close,
We start to sway,
it leads to a dance,
He kisses my neck,
A  soft moan escapes as I bite my lip, he
Twirls me,
Facing him now,
We couldn’t be closer,
I kiss his collar bone,
Nibble my way up his neck,
Kissing, and gently biting his lip,
He moans,
I smile,
We are still dancing,
His eyes tell me he wants more,
Grabbing my waist he pulls me even closer,
In one motion
My dress,
My apron,
Fall to the floor,
I put my hands on his stomach,
Under his shirt,
Feeling his perfect body,
My hands glide up,
Taking his shirt with them.
Kissing my neck,
He makes his way down,
Taking my bra,
And panties with him.
He works his way back up,
Pausing at my bust.
Kissing and licking,
A soft, impatient moan.
One hand behind his head the other at his waste,
His pants drop.
A fervent whisper
As he works his way back up,
Setting me on fire,
Hunger in his eyes.
He lifts me up,
Setting me on the island,
Hopping up,
He lays me down,
Kissing me,
We play,
Suddenly the room disappears,
We are in a cloud,
All I am aware of,
Is him,
He claims me,
I can’t take much more of the teasing,
He complies…
No need to speak now,
We become one.
I start to shake,
Back arches,
I tighten,
He throbs,
Moaning against my neck,
Together we reach the peak.
The flowers,
Fall to the floor,
We giggle,
He blushes,

It ends with a soft, passionate kiss

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