Nightmares// Unrelenting.

Falling into a peaceful slumber,
She begins to dream,
Following a long path lined with cherry trees,
In full bloom,
A gentle breeze makes them quiver,
Some petals swirl around her,
Taking form in front of her.
Eyes wide,
heart pounding,
The petals take shape of her love.
The sun begins to set,
Hand in hand they walk,
At the path’s end,
a moonlit waterfall.
He kneels.
“This is it” she thinks,
Waiting with baited breath..
He starts to speak,
She can’t understand him.
The scene is melting,
like splashed oil paints.
It becomes dark,
She can see only him.
Far off screams fill her ears,
He starts to cry,
she wipes his tears.
Looking down to see her hands covered in blood.
Looking up,
She’s terrified,
He’s turned into a demon,
He speaks in a voice,
That could scare the strongest of men.
“Give me your still beating heart and I will release this body.”
She screams for him to fight it,
The demon comes at her,
she runs,
He pops in front of her.
“If you wont give it willingly, I’ll take it, and kill him!”
Demon and Body now separated.
She reaches into her own chest,
Ripping her heart out,
“I love you…”
She’s Falling,
She nears the bottom,
Sharp rocks come to view she keeps falling…
Light breaks,
She wakes screaming.

Over again,
countless nights,
She tries to fight the night,
Becoming afraid of the dark,
Staying awake for days at a time,
She can’t escape her inner hell.
Glass rain…
She falls a victim of the night.
Still afraid of the dark,
Tossing, turning…
Lying awake
Scared to close her eyes.
Praying the morning comes,
Before she has a chance to fall asleep.
3 am the dark claims her,
2 hours before dawn.
Running now,
Through a meadow,
Looking left,
She sees him,
The one her heart belongs to.
He takes her hand,
Their home,
Only a few feet away.
“Wait here, I have a surprise.”
He goes inside,
Waiting for what seems ages
A boom is heard not too far away,
The house bursts into flames,
Their tamed wolves,
Turn on her,
She screams his name.
Again and again,
As he comes into view.
Wolf claws her face…
The dark turns to light,
She wakes.
her heart is heavy…
When will this end?
Night will fall.
Lying awake,
She fears the dark,
Refusing to close her eyes,
She would take her own life,
to not see these anymore.
3 am the dark claims her…
She takes a bullet,
She jumps off a building,
She sells her soul,
She takes her own life,
She sacrifices everything,
She volunteers as a tribute.
She lets him kill her,
It’s a bloody mess,
It’s monsters,
It’s demons,
It’s never ending hall ways.
They chase her,
Rip her apart,
They torture her.
As long as he is unharmed,
She doesn’t care how the dream ends.
She still fears the night….
She Is thrown off a cliff,
She finally hits the bottom,
A bloody mess,
The morning light peaks through her window,
She wakes,
Her heart,
Her soul shatter.
She’s used to the nightly horror,
Used to waking Screaming,
She waits for the day,
When her dreams stay sweet.
That day never comes….


2 thoughts on “Nightmares// Unrelenting.

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    1. ^,^ Thanks! I was thinking of doing another nightmare piece. Satan knows I have enough of them. Heh. The perks of being a demon queen.


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