Anya and Lance had been friends for a couple years now. Finally Lance asked her to take the next step in life. He wanted to date her. Anya had seen how Lance is with his girlfriends. The perfect gentleman, opening doors, pulling her seat out, covering puddles with his jacket, catching them before they fell, honest, loyal, and always doing little things for them, and even for her, he did these things (on a less romantic scale). She had grown rather attached to the man, she would venture to say she was falling for him.theballoonatic_173

She conceded. They went on real date, the kind where she felt obligated to wear a pretty black dress, heels, and lacey panties. She knew she wouldn’t be able to resist his lips, his touch, any sexual advances, she had fantasized about him before.

After a night on the town, some close dancing, they returned to her place, getting handsy in the drive way, she breathlessly whispered “Let’s go inside” Lance grunted his approval. His pants didn’t  hide the heat he was packing and his pants were already undone and her dress already unzipped. They could barely make the 5 feet to the door and were stripping each other in the drive way, leaving a trail of clothes in their wake.

She barely had time to turn the lock on the door before he had tossed her onto the couch and was fucking her hard, his manhood nearly ripping her in half, but she wasn’t complaining it felt amazing. She hadn’t gotten off this time, not fully but still, her hunger had stilled.  He However came, pretty damn hard.

They watched a movie, in hopes of cooling down. Maybe they shouldn’t have put on a horror flick, full of gore, knowing they both had a blood fetish.  They ended up fucking to the sound of the idiots screaming and running upstairs to escape their impending doom.

Anya had just experienced the most intense orgasm of her life, you know the kind you can feel edging from the first thrust. The kind that leaves you suffocating, she literally could not breathe for about a minute, though it felt like an eternity. She had become lightheaded and gasping for air, until she actually came, and it wasn’t because she was biting the pillow.

The second night was just a marathon of sex. Not bad, but after while she got bored and begged Lance to tie her up or something anything but doggy style and vanilla with no sprinkle. Her vagina was screaming for a break. That lasted all of like 6 hours until we were spooning in bed watching GLEE, and stuck his erect penis in her- one of her favorite positions, so she gave into him.

The fourth night she enjoyed the first round of sex purely because she needed to get off.

When the 5th night rolled around, she had said “No Sex” over a million times.
Lance did not respect her request, and took what he wanted anyway, despite her desperate attempts to get away, and pleas to stop and leave her alone, to let her breathe, She even went as far as to lock her self in the bathroom for a couple hours.

The 6th night they went out to a casino, he hit something on the way and busted radiator. They had made it safely with no issues, so they didn’t know it was broken, yet.  Anya wasn’t yet aware she was gonna feel even worse in a couple of hours.

At the casino, Lance kissed up on her, and held her hand, in a respectful way, whispering cute things in her ear. It was a genuinely nice night and Anya was enjoying herself. She thought maybe she had been over dramatic last night.


A few hours later they were on the road back home, its a four hour drive, they broke down. What should have only been 4 hours turned into 12 hours of hell. Pulling Over, ghetto rigging his radiator and even buying a new one and installing a new one. THAT HELPED… none.
They eventually made it back to her house.

As soon as they got through the door, Lance ripped her clothes of and unceremoniously threw her and pinned her to the ground and forced him self in to her. It took  him an hour to cum- apparently her struggles just egged him, he seemed to think she was just playing, causing him to last longer. She was in tears, begging him to stop.
Lance over powered Anya, which being a sub, normally would not bug her and she loved being dominated just as much any submissive was, but she also had boundaries, which they had discussed many times before. He proceeded to violate them all in the next hour.
Anya was screaming now, still trying to get away and begging him to stop. She did not want to be touched at all. they had just spent 12 hours on the road in 106 degree whether burning to a crisp, she was already sore from the previous nights and her burn was was painful. In a way that miss Anya just didn’t like.
He over took her 3 times in a similar fashion that night, she tried to avoid him and asked him politely to leave her home or at least stop touching her. She knew Lance would be gone after his car was fixed in the morning after everything was open.Every time Lance touched Anya now, she would cringe, and her stomach would do somersaults. As he went in for kisses, she would say “Could you not?”  He had to so clingy, that he wouldn’t even let her do dishes with out touching her. Waited outside of the bathroom for her, and was just naked the whole time.

He fucked her 6 times  that night. Anya had given up on fighting him now. knowing he’d get what he wanted. She cried silently as Lance took her… over and over again. making her feel even worse, She knew if she just held on a little longer it would be over soon.


An accurate GIF of Anya’s feelings


She had become a prisoner in her own home.

She cried silently, as he penetrated her, and came inside her time and again, she was so sore, and tired, humiliated, and had even taken to purposefully squeezing him to make him cum faster.


Anya had never felt this way before, not even when she had been forced to give someone a blow job. She had never felt so violated, scared and sick.

Anya knew that she could have called the cops on him, but for what?  It wasn’t technically rape, she was of age, and she wanted to badly to get off a couple times, and wouldn’t one argue that she was a sub and should like being roughed up, and taken. No, no  a submissive should feel safe with her dom, she should feel the fear, but also know she’s cared for and respected. Doms should respect their sub’s limits. Lance was not her dom though. Making this aspect invalid.

With Lance, she did not feel safe. She felt dirty, used, violated, and empty, she couldn’t even enter her own room. The feeling only intensifies for her as time goes on.

She was completely shattered.









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