Terms and Dynamics of BDSM

This list is subject to change over time as I think of something to add or learn something new, or if by chance my information is wrong. It will be linked back in future posts. ^.^



Bondage- Limiting of one’s movement, while technically refers to full restraint it can also mean that of a specific body part, such as hands or breasts.

Discipline- Self-explanatory, be good now {;

Domination- A show of power over another.

Dominate(Dom)- One who exercises control. May also be be called; daddy, mommy, domme, master, owner.

Sumission- The act of relinquishing power to another.

Submissive- One who relinquishes power to a dominate, also obeys them. maybe be referred to as; little, pet, or slave.

Sadist: one who enjoys giving pain

Masochist: one who enjoys recieving pain.

Dynamics- The dynamics of which relationships which exist in BDSM world are much like those in the Vanilla ( non-BDSM) world A short description of the most common:


Dominate (sometimes known as Domme, but some don’t like this, Go with Mistress, or lady to be safe, or just ask what she prefers).
Dominate: ( Dom, he will most likely prefer Sir, or master, depending on dynamic)
In a Daddy/ Little  dynamic, you will call him Daddy, he rarely will accept being called Sir, if you are uncomfortable calling him “daddy” at first he may accept being called by his first name.  He will usually call you “Little girl/boy” “baby girl/boy”
Mommy: Same as Daddy, Just you know, a female Dom, instead of a male one. ( mostly just wanted to add this picture instead of adding mommy to the daddy definition 🙂
Pet: Pretty self-explanatory. You will be kept as a pet, not every “owner” will put you in a cage, you maybe allowed to curl up on the foot of the bed or on a cushion on the floor, all depends on what hopefully is discussed and consented by both parties. Pets can be and usually are kittens, puppies (including wolves) foxes, sometimes ponies, and I’ve met a bird once.
Submissive: This is a position you find yourself in alot, the position varies, this typically is called “sitting pretty” for me I typically sit with my hands folded in my lap. Sometimes you will even have a cushion Depending on circumstances.
Master/Mistress: Another form Dominate, sometimes you will start off in this dynamic but more often you will not call you dominate Master/Mistress until you earn a collar(explained below) Don’t worry, it’s fun! Chain play can be exciting, This girl is obeying, ( I think, but if she isn’t she best be prepared to hear this just before the getting the D(iscipline)
Poor girl is about to get the D.  OH! this reminds me another sumissive role ” Brat” will (playfully) disobey (often) in order to receive punishment.


Collaring: In a loving, romantic and “exclusive” relationship, Collaring basically is like A vanilla engagement, but as everything in BDSM land is, it is more intense as in BDSM you must gain your partners trust/dominance/submission/consent/etc, most in this type of dynamic will consider it more than engagement and more like marriage. Collaring is defined as the dominate’s formal acceptance of a submissive/ slave’s service, ownership of a pet (from stray to pup or stray to kitten). IN many cases, a dominate may collar many. IN any respect no matter the romantic dynamic, being collared is an honor and something you don’t want to lose, Just like a shiny ring in the vanilla world (which some will also give so you can always wear it and not have to worry about it not being work appropriate). Sometimes, a dominate will also wear a ring to show he or she is taken.



You may earn your collar, and this typically is when you will change your dynamic from Dom/Sub/stray to Master/Slave / pet. But it is not always so, you may prefer to keep calling your Dominate, “Sir”. for the Ladies im assuming “Misstress is across the board what you call a lady dominate, unless you call them lady, then you may now call them mistress”


AS a rule, and every good dom and sub know this:




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