New Years Resolutions

Well. I didn’t make any resolutions this year at its start. I was in a chronic state of depression and was honestly going to end my life.  I had it all planned out. I was going to send my sister a message, and then quietly leave, but I couldn’t with out at least apologizing to her for everything I had done to her. I didn’t know how to get a hold of anyone else, all of their info had changed. I didn’t have the guts to call. I knew I would fall apart and not say what I needed to. So I sent her a message. See 6 months prior, I had left our sweet little fantasmic group of my own volition, I had failed at absolutely everything I had set out to do. So instead of asking for help, I ran away… I sent her a really long message apologizing for everything.  I began to walk away again, to follow through with my plan… but then I got a response… She said (I paraphrase) ” Thank you for your apology but I was never mad, I just wanted you to be happy, and we couldn’t find you after you left, but I wait by the phone every day hoping you come back. Do you want to come home? Because you are always welcome here.” I cried, and said, “No, I don’t belong there, I never did.” We ended up talking for two hours. I never once mentioned to her my plan to leave, but then she pulled in a couple of our friends and we all talked, I apologized for what  I did and their answers were largely the same as her’s had been. One of them called me out on it, ” why would you apologize out of the blue instead of just coming home? Are you planning to hurt yourself? Because that’s lame, and you should be spanked for that.” That started a group role play and at that was the end of my chronic depression. Well, I still have my moments, it’s something I struggle with constantly but with a little help from my friends I am able to keep it at bay.

Anyways, I have made My resolutions now, there may only be a few months left in the year but it’s never too late for a change, right? I will post on progress and link back to this Article throughout the next few months. And link those link back those articles in the title of each goal here :D. – Since of these are money oriented goals, if not all of them, I will post a budget once I get another job, since that was one of my writing challenges, why not use my actual Budget? I could use the one I have now. But my hours are not steady by any means. That would be a good challenge though I suppose.


1. Lose 50 pounds by New years: Say whhhaattt?? Yeah, I could stand to lose about that much. For me. Not for anyone else. Though my sister is getting married next summer and I Don’t want to be the center of attention, From taking up half the photos. ( Hahaha) it’s only 10 LBS a month. It’s possible I lost more in less time (albeit unhealthily). But I will be happy with the results as long and I don’t falter or give up. WHO’S with me?





2. Write one Post a Day Here: It  Doesn’t take much to explain this one. I will do my best to write at least once a day here. Starting today. August 1st, 2017.


3. Reincorporate the Chain of love: You know the song, about the waitress and the old lady and the tire that goes:


 “You don’t owe me a thing.  I’ve been there too, Someone once helped me out, just the way I’m helpin’ you, if you really wanna pay me back, here’s what you do: Don’t let the chain of love end with you“. ( The Chain of Love– Clay Walker)


So many have forgotten how far one small act of kindness can go. I want to bring this back. I will actually print out cards, give them to people upon committing said random act (because writing this out simply may take too much time)  and hope that they do the same.


4. SISTERS WEDDING: The wedding doesn’t have a set date yet, but probably won’t be until at least August. Which gives me 12 months to save for her flowers and my dress!  I don’t think I will spend more $200 on my dress, and that’s really pushing the envelope. Her theme is amazing though. the rest will go towards flowers. though I doubt they will cost much more than $500 since she’s going small, only their nearest and dearest. ^,^ I Can’t give an exact savings plan for this one yet, as we haven’t exactly discussed wedding budget.




 5. Start saving for Korea town: I am taking my sister to Korea Town, Los Angeles, California as mentioned above. This trip doubles as her birthday and Bachelorette party. She will probably put money towards it too, my ultimate goal is to save 3k for this trip which between now and then is only 300 a month into savings. Though this MAY be overshot, it gives room for hidden fees or emergencies. Gas, Food, shopping and the like. I am excited as all get out. Especially since she doesn’t know yet.


6. Pay of a personal loan: I should already have this paid off in all honesty but since my hours were cut I haven’t been able to make any sort of payment. Hopefully, I will make enough in September to have it paid off (It is $600- That’s $150 from each check, NBD if I get the hours from my current job and another)


7. Pay off a traffic Fine by new years and reinstate my license: Well this is rather self-explanatory I have no immediate need for a license as public transportation is honestly a bit cheaper than paying for parking and gas. I have an ID that is good enough for a few more months lol. But I do want it fixed by the time I take a road trip with my sister for her birthday. (As mentioned above, we are going to Korea Town via 101 after we get to Oregon woohoo!).



8. Save money to move by October: It is August now, it will be easy since I do not have to save too much, I just need enough hours to cover bills and my move. $600 Dollars should suffice, with a regular full-time pay check, that is one check, Maybe I will be able to save more but that will be enough as I am moving in with my sister and jobs aren’t hard to find where she lives, Rent is mega cheap when split between three people. Also, I am a super awesome budgeter. I could be a pro.


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