Mystic Messenger – A Review…ish.

I keep getting alerts and download suggestions for this game while playing other games or reading webtoons. I have played other “Choose your fate” type games, but none of them were quite as interesting as this one so far….

I figured I would show you around the first two days.  Ready for this? I sure hope so! HAHA.

So a bit of background. ~  Firstly~ The game is Korean so you will see the names are Korean Names but the game is translated into English for you. Except when the characters call you. I thought this was pretty nifty. After you log into “RFA” (Rika’s Fundriasing Association)  Messenger. You get a PM from an “unknown” User.  Asking you to go to an address, and type in the key lock code. You can choose not to get persuaded by the mystery man, but I chose to go anyway because. Why not, I figure I will somehow meet the other characters soon.

It takes the Guys, and Girl, a moment to realize you have joined their chat. but once they do they start freaking out but apparently have a mild case of AD(H)D, Did I mention yet that you will probably LOLOL a lot through out this? all characters are 20-somethings. They begin to speculate why you might be there… They distrust you, most of them anyway but can you blame them. Finally, V, “big boss” of RFA comes along.

He speculates that Since only Rika, Seven and Himself knew where this apartment was, that maybe before her death Rika planned to have someone take her place. The details of her death are not yet known, but I think that either A. She was being threatened and knew her end was nearing, or maybe she was terminally Ill? Knew something that the others didn’t? I am definitely on the edge of my seat with this game.

I took over 100 SS of this game but I feel if I post them all it will give too much away so I will only post a few more and some funny ones ( though most of them to me are funny)

Just the guys Speculating that you might be pretty (Seven/Luciel has already determined you are indeed a lady by doing a search on you, dang hackers), ~speaking of, there is an option to say “but im not a girl”… Ill explore that later ^,^~and dying to see a picture of you.  SO far,  I enjoy Zen, Yoosung and V the most.

Zen because he has a fun personality and is flirtatious, Yoosung because he’s young and innocent, and over all adorable, V, because he is mysterious, *for now, * and has blue hair, like whats not cool about that?

After you are an official member of the group you get texts from “Unknown” and a couple of the others.

To move on to the next day you have to spend hour glasses, which give you 24-hour access to the chats. Which you can buy in the shop, or create from 100 hearts,  in the shop you can also buy calling cards to call the characters. or use 5-hour glass per call. (I don’t have enough hour glass atm to open day 3! SAAAAAADDDD!) Or. You can take the slow way, and wait for updates to ahow up in your notifications… the times vary but usually an hour or two before a new chat is opened and you can progress.

*hour glasses can also be used to open “deep play” it costs 80 hg. I am currently playing “casual play” and trynna save up my hour glasses to do so! ^,^.

during the second day you find a little more about each character, one despises cats, another loves them… a bit too much as I am about to reveal and another is accused of abusing cats, but doesn’t really IMO. “LOLOL” ~ this is the name of a game Yoosung plays a lot.

You get multiple options sometimes, but other times you don’t, you only get one and it kind of sucks, also some are pretty much the same thing just worded differently. the two green conversation blocks are Zen describing Seven and Jumin for you during a phone call. In the photo gallery, you will collect pictures from chat and text messages.

Screenshot_20170802-225155Spaceship picks up random thoughts I guess. I’m not sure what the bag of honey chips does yet, maybe I will review this game as I Progress through it.

During day two you start to receive emails….

From the photographer, and based on your choice(I believe) you get emails from:

But she creepy as all hell, SOOOOO I replied Thusly:


Am I going to Hell for most likely lying? LOLOL ~ Meanwhile…..

Just gettin’ my flirt on with Zen….

Zen got some skill…. Meanwhile in Chat room ( which I should point out, people enter and exit through out the day, once they leave, you confirm that the chat is meant to be kept private and will not discuss it with anyone outside of the RFA, it CAN be confusing if you don’t realize it right off).

Yoosung….  Say’s the sky is clear… Screenshot_20170802-221623

Jumin is considering making Cat hair scarfs….

Seven accidentally starts Yoosung on a tangent about V and Sin (me), tries to calm it down. Stop fighting boys, it does no good.

My reply ” I think he said something about religion… BTW.. Unknown creeper has yet to reply to me XD.

Before leaving you here, to see the new messages, and new chat labeled “Zen and girlfriend”… I want to leave you with my closing thoughts.

I really like this game. The characters are relatable and remind of a group chat that I am in with my very bestest friends. If I am being honest, We are selective about who joins us as well. So This game is relatable and great for killing time. It sucks you in, I am already addicted lol. Also, you can pause and play chat, and slow down chat speed, I just figured this out XD if you don’t read as fast as the speed of light, then you will need these features.

Check this game out. And if you feel adventurous….

I do not believe I will ever be so adventurous…. Unless it comes with coffee milk and tteokboki! XD  ENJOY!!!!

Here is a trailer, and I love the theme song,

English lyrics to theme song:

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