Swedish Pancakes.

I was going to save this for “Swedish Pancake Saturday” as per family tradition, but it is 1: 30 am, on a Thursday morning and I was reallllly craving these. SO I figured I’d Give a light tutorial!

Swedish Pancakes… NOT  to be confused with a crepe or those super fluffy “real” pancakes.Nah, while made in a similar fashion to its cousin Le Crepe, this large, flat pancake is so much different. I will argue this even if you won’t listen because you aren’t a true foodie and know nothing about the true meaning of “Swedish Pancake” 

For one, the crepe is thicker, where as the SP is very thin, this is due to how much liquid is used. (  I will be making Lemon Cheesecake crepes at some point this month!). Taste and mouth feel are also pretty different as well the types of filling one would use. For me, it is ALWAYS powdered sugar, and butter(and have been known to occasionally add blackberries, this morning was NOT one of them.. but I did garnish with blood orange…YUUUUMMMMMMEEEHHHHH). For others it’s strawberries and whipped cream, syrup, berry syrup, blackberries, some even use peanut butter *shudders*… 

Now, Before we start, This food has an emotional tie to me.  When I was younger, loved everyone, things were good, always rainbows and butterflies, unicorns existed and so did fairies.. the world was a magical place. Saturdays were the most magical of all… Whether at my Auntie’s, Gran & Papa’s or Great Grandma Heaven’s place, we had Swedish pancakes. Then all the kids would play outside (usually) No matter the weather, or play board games or barbies *even the boy cousin would play with us girls!* Trucks, build forts, it didn’t really matter as long as we were together and bonding. Sometimes, we would even watch “The Seventh Brother” Or “The Best Bad Thing” or Scooby doo, it was rarely anything else (to my knowledge) unless some boring ol’ western (which I secretly loved) was on. 
I remember watching the adults make them and thinking that when I was old and moldy I would share magical breakfast/brunch with my tiny humans, and honestly, this is still a thing for me. My future tiny humans will know the magic of Swedish Pancakes Saturday. They will also the joys of the country even if we don’t live there they will grow up camping… it’s just something I feel a child should experience… Hopefully, in this digital age, they will be able to unplug and entertain themselves, they will know the fun of playing board games by candle light when the power is out. I digress, my point is, this recipe is something I cherish and hope to pass on. Maybe once you decide to try it, you will taste the magic I taste, the warm feelings of family brunch, and a warm kitchen in the dead of winter, or even the heat of summer. Maybe you will want to start something with your own little family. Or pass it on to a family member or friend who would appreciate it.

REMEMBER, this recipe tastes best when made with love! They all do but this one especially. Also, this is best enjoyed with “old country music” or Christmas music… Or if that isn’t your families thing, maybe some hard rock, or … Whatever IS your thing, Just make sure the Nostalgia factor is there!


Stuff N Things:
Mixing bowl, (auntie used a picture more often than not, dad used a blender…they make pouring easier, I Just poured from the bowl, if you time it right you won’t make a huge mess)
Mixing spoon,
Swedish pancake pan ( or your favorite frying pan, or even that old cast iron pan great grandma used)
A stove of some sort, (a reallllly hot sidewalk ha.) 
Butter ( a good a mount, 1 or two sticks depending on how many you are planning to make…) 
3 Large eggs
1 1/2 cups whole milk
1 cup all purpose flour
1 tsp granulated sugar
1 tsp salt 


Step 1.5: Melt butter in pan:

PREHEAT PAN ON MEDIUM HEAT (think non-burnt pancakes or eggs, the butter should melt, if it caramelizes quickly or burns it is too hot, turn it down until the butter melts completely in 20+ seconds ) 

*Note: According to Chef Puppy:  You can make the batter ahead of time by 3 days, and keep the cooked pancakes 3 days after… But pre-battering ‘t necessary unless you plan on feeding an army or something, but for magical family bonding time, you don’t need to. I suppose this could also be good for left over batter, but frankly if ya have left over batter then ya doin’ wrong, Sugar.

Step 2: Beat Eggs and Milk…


But PLEASE, do not hurt them…
Should look like this. Take a Gander…
  Step 3: Add Flour
Whisk it…. 
3.5 Add Sugar and salt


Whisk it good!



This should be the result.
Take another Gander.


Step 4: By Now you should Have figured out how pan needs to be, and it should be heated correctly. Add butter to your pan again 


Yes, Yes I DID use the same pic.. HA!!!


Step 5:….. POUR THE BATTER!!!! 

You can make them how ever big you like, However TECHNICALLY they are supposed to take up the whole bottom of the pan.. but for people like Punkin who won’t eat a whole one, there this is an acceptable size:


Punkin (momma) sized Pancake.. She still didn’t finish it though…


Step 6: Once the top is all bubbly and looks mostly dry you can flip it… it should look something like this…


Full bottom of the pan, the one NORMAL humans eat



 Step 7: Plate that B****. This includes quickly adding the butter so it melts and adding powdered sugar (or your other fillings) 

 Step 8: Roll ’em Up, Shove ’em Down ya throat hole…. 

( but please do NOT choke) Pair with your favorite fruits… If you wanna mix culture, you could Add warm, or chilled Fruktsuppe (Fruit soup- Next blog)

A note from Punkin:
” These Taste Exactly how your grandma makes, I don’t know why I remember this, but I do, Good job!” 
Maybe because she gave me kudos, I will make her some Navajo tacos (which i know she has been craving for quite some time)!

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