Mystic Messenger- “Bad Ending”

THE OTHER DAY I REVIEWED MYSTIC Messenger game. Well I “started over” meaning I saved and started a new game, it didn’t take long.

So. Here’s what happens when you spend the first 5ish minutes defying ‘unknown’

You can keep saying “No” “You are creepy” in the end you end up going to the address. But you have these options through out ~Screenshot_20170804-193629

Then this happens after he says he can See you and that there is a key pad right in front of you… He also says something about taking you on as his assistant, I assume, he’s reffering to Jumin Han when he says “He has an assistant”

But he looks cute…For a creeper. No matter what you say here on out, whether you try to escape, or say ok, it flashes bad ending.. I’m almost sure he knocks you out, and drags you to a basement and tortures you for a few hours before killing you… Maybe he is the reason behind Rika’s death…  Also there is future discussion that she takes her life, but it still seems like there is more to it.


Bonus content: What happens when you say “But I’m not a girl”.

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