Frozen Lemonade-Part 1.~18+~

Kelli and I met in Kindergarten, she was a patient in the ward that my mom worked in, Children’s cancer. When they were little, my aunt Linny had cancer, and had died when she was 10, my mother was only 5, and my grandpa later committed suicide, he felt he was failing as a father, leaving my grandma with 6 kids to raise on her own. Ever since she has always wanted to save as many children and families from such torture.  I often would go to the children’s cancer center with my mother and play with the kids there, of all of them, Kelli had been there the longest, according to my mom, but this was my first time meeting her, I felt instantly connected to her. We colored, and played board games. f I even sat with her while she got her treatment. She felt sick and sometimes wouldn’t eat or drink unless forced, I didn’t want her to end up with a feeding tube like I’d seen some kids with ( I didn’t realize that was something different of course) so I force fed her my lemon freezies, one day, she told me her favorite was blackberry, So I always used my allowance after that to buy her BLFs as she liked to call it. After that day we became inseparable.

6 months later, Kelli was in remission and able to attend Kindergarten, and she was put into my class. On purpose of course, her family knew it would be hard for her to adjust. Her hair still hadn’t grown back, it was just a little past peach fuzz. She wore a wig to school.

During recess about a month later, we were playing four square, if you don’t know, that’s a game where you use a dodge ball and bounce it to someone in one of the three opposing squares, Pretty simple. Well another girl Had accidentally over bounced the ball and it hit Kelli in the head, Knocking her wig off. No had known, until That very moment, she wore a wig. Instantly, most of the kids started teasing Kelli, calling her a boy and telling her she looked ugly.. Kelli started crying and I started yelling at the other kids, My Older sister who was in grade two was there, she ran off to get a teacher, and Kelli Started to run away. I scooped up her wig and chased after her, I had one of those kid cell phones where you can only send and receive calls from the contacts programmed in the phone. For emergencies. I called my mom and told her Kelli was crying, and running and I needed a blackberry lemon freezie stat.

Kelli ended up in the front school yard under the shade of a tree crying,  when I finally caught up to her I was holding her in my arms and trying to soothe her but it was her biggest  fear, she had told me when I asked if she would go to school this year. She was worried kids would make fun of her.

We sat there a teacher had come to talk to us and had said that we could stay here until Mom came to get us, she brought us our bags and watched from a distance. Kelli was still crying when mom showed up, and we left, We went to the Frozen yogurt shop and got lemon freezies (Mom’s treat this day). Kelli was just playing with hers. I Sat next to her and Spoon fed her like I had in the hospital. Mom Joined kellies mom at a table away. I gave her one bite, rubbing her back, Then looked at her wig….

” My Kelli, My Kelli, where are you?” She looked at me confused.

“I am right here Zara…”

“I can’t see you…” I reached for her wig and took it off.

” There you are! I can see your pretty blue eyes better now” I tossed the wig in the trash. and took my headband off of my head. It was a metal one with faux diamons in the wing of the butterfly.. “This suits my Kelli much better.. Should we ask moms if we can get you a few more headbands like this?”

” Oh Zara! it’s pretty! Thank you!” she gave me a hug and kissed my cheek and I blushed.

“Wouldn’t it be funny if they got together in the future?” My mother said jokingly.

“Indeed let’s make a bet.” Mom wagered 9th grade, Kelli’s mother Dana wagered 11th grade. But they knew either way we’d be life long friends.

Years came and went. Kelli overcame her fears of being bullied, and I was always there to protect her.

We had this dance in 8th grade, It was Sadie Hawkins and I really wanted to ask Kelli. So I left A note telling her to meet me in the gazebo after school. She met me there, and I had set up a small table with two chairs, and of course A blackberry Frozen lemon freezie for her, and Raspberry lemon freezie for me, and a box of chocolates that I had made her. When she opened the box the chocolates spelled out “Sadie’s?”

“OF COURSE I will be your date, I was going to ask you!” She gave me a hug and kissed my lips.” two months later, we went to the dance, and ended up making out in the photo booth, My mom was a chaperone, and saw the picture strip and poked her head in.

“You two girls might want to stop there, I don’t want to have to kick you out and ground you, and call Kelli’s mom. Save the tonsil hockey for at home. That was how our families found out we had been dating for two months. And they were completely fine with it. They allowed us our space but gave us those creepy birds and bees talks. and to always play safely. I shudder at the recollection of such a talk.

In in the middle of 10th grade, my Kelli had cancer recurrence. I was with her every step of the way, I went with her to every treatment, and went to school, took notes for her, most of our classes were the same, for the the two that were different I asked her teachers to write me notes for each lesson to give to her, she remained studying, and we both remained in honor role. Thankfully,  The cancer was caught earlier enough and localized, all it required was some radiation, but Kelli, still missed a lot of school for a couple months because she wasn’t feeling well enough.

During her recurrence we spoke more often about our future, would we stay together what would we do? What if we got accepted to different schools. We Decided then, that we would apply to all of the same colleges, and pick the one we both got accepted too, She wanted to be a pediatrition and I Wanted to run a restaurant. OF course, I would continue volunteering at hospitals and making donations to St. Jude’s, shriners and the like. After all It is a significant part of my life.  We decided to take a year of school to just gypsy around America. We would return the following year. And while we were in College we would open a frozen lemonade truck to make some extra money.

Oh the dreams of highschool girls. Kelli made a full recovery and was back to all activities and sports.

We went to every highschool dance, every home sports event, as cheerleaders, or as participants. rarely were we in the stands as spectators. We spent so much time together and never got tired of each other. NEVER. We had a love so deeply routed. And we were never able to keep our hands to ourselves.

I remember our first time. Like it was yesterday. We had made a promise to not lose our virginity until we were both 18. She turned 18 in October of our senior year, and I wouldn’t turn 18 until February.  So we figured what’s a few more months? We set a date. It was going to be the night of graduation.

We booked a hotel, With the help of our parents, Since neither of us had a credit card yet. One that requires a two night stay. It was on the Coast in California, but we were going to be there for a week, and it would kick our Gypsy Trip for the next year.

We held our graduation party the Weekend before graduation, where we had been gifted a Lemonade Truck (This is what we would be taking all over the country, it had a small Airstream trailer attached to it). Just in case we ever needed it. And the bank books to our savings accounts, When we looked at the numbers, our parents had done more than matched what we had managed to save.  We cried and thanked them. We got the lemonade truck stocked up, and ready to go. We found a book full of food truck permits for two  to four cities in each of the 48 states.

Graduation started at 8 am, because in just a couple hours it would way too hot and not likely to cool down much and our class having been the biggest in the last 70 years had to be held outside. The ceremony ended at 10 am. We quickly said good bye to friends and family took necessary photos. Dad did a last minute trip check and then my beautiful Kelli and I were on our way to California. IT would take us 10 hours to get there.

When we arrived in LA we checked into our Hotel, and ran upstairs, our room was a top floor condo, with an amazing view. We would be here for a Week. And we couldn’t be more excited. The floor was 20. We ended up making out in the elevator. Kissing, groping, teasing. 20 floors seems to take forever. We finally made it to the top.

We bolted down the hall to our Condo and let the door fall shut behind us. Kelli has an olive tint to her skin, long dark brown hair, and beautiful blue eyes. She’s shorter than me by 3 inches, and her boobs and ass are ample and proportionate.  Her stomach flat. but she’s not that weird grossly thin shes got meat on her bones, Healthy. Gorgeous. With soft, sweet sultry voice. That alone makes me hornier than a lion.  Compared to me, I am lightly colored, of Asian descent. my hair is black, my eyes almost are, and I am slightly chubby, with too big of boobs and a bubble butt, but still look good in a cheer uniform if ya know what I mean.

Kelli turns on some music, Pushes on to the king size, cloud-like bed and starts stripping, slowly. Starting with her top,  it’s a lace up, she pulled the string out of each hole. To my surprise, She wore no bra.. I wonder if that means…

Before I could finish hat thought Kelli had straddled me, her tits mouth level, grinding on me, her nipples begging for attention. She pushed one into mouth as she undid her skirt, Soft moans escaping her lips. Suddenly, she was Standing, Now her pussy was eye level and she was wearing a very very thin panty. I could Smell her arousal. She was taking her Skirt of (thankfully it had a full length zipper) but my hands slid quickly and softly up her legs, cupping her ass, pulling her to my lips and trapping her, my tongue ran the length of her barely covered nether regions. Kelli moaned louder than i had expected.

As if on autopilot, I ripped her panties off and began to lick her slowly still holding her in place, as i continued, she got wetter, when I took her clit between my teeth, and stuck a finger in her pussy, I felt her knees get weak, I quickly laid her down. and continued my assault on her lady parts. I could feel her orgasm edging, she started to pulsate around my finger and her happy button only needed to be pushed a few more times. Her moans, and breathless murmurs were the sweetest music and I didn’t want it to end so soon. I kissed my way up her body, removing my hand from her pussy. I sucked on her left breast, and fondled the other, I kissed her neck, and then lips, her hands pulling my hair. Working my way back down her body still hearing her moaning, louder now, and verbally begging me to make her cum.

“Do you want it in my hands, or in my mouth baby?”

” I don’t Care just make me cum please, I’ve waited too long for this release!” She pleads breathlessly.

“As you wish.” I took her Right tit into my mouth this time, and palmed the left while mercilessly fingering her tight little pussy, She started moaning louder and louder, breathing harder, gasping for air, I stoped the assualt on her breasts when she cried out that she was close. I  Sucked her clit back between my lips, flicking my tongue against it, still stroking her Gspot with my finggers .

“zar.. close… please… oh god.. za–” She started to shutter, i took my hand out of her drenched cavern and “wha… don’t  st–” I started licking her pussy again, and quickly stroped her clit with my thumb. “Oh my…Zara… Cumming” panting, gasping, screaming, arching. Her orgasm was seemingly intense, I had her Moan, and give herself orgasms before but never anything like this, as our rule was only clitoral stimulation if phone boning, or nothing below the belt if in person. She had managed to get herself off via clitoral, I thought that was hot… This was pure ecstasy, as soon as her orgasm hit my lips, and I swallowed her sweet nectar, I too had an orgasm, on a smaller scale.

When she was done riding out her orgasm, I licked her clean and kissed her then go rid of my own clothing, and cuddled up to her, taking the big spoon position. However, as soon as  she caught her breath, she had me pinned under her. Kissing me softly all over, and then massaging me, full body, and stuck a bullet on my clit, using the setting that starts low, and increases in intensity. How did she remember this Fantasy? Man I got lucky in the lady love department. She massaged me from head to toe. Trailing hot kisses down my body, occasionally she would slip her in my pussy and push down on the bullet so that it rocked when she fingered me. She played with and teased my breasts. I could feel myself edging, this is when she really started her assault on my nether regions.

She stuck her tongue deep into my pussy, and changed the bullet to a increasing, throbbing intensity and worked out a rhythm that countered the bullet so that it hit at just right time. I began to arch my back, could myself bursting.

” Oh my fuck Kell… I’m cumming.. it.. hurts.. omg I can’t….” my orgasm was so intense, that I actually was painful. In a good way. Kelli was still licking all of my juices up when I had finally caught my breath and was calming a bit, she had removed the bullet. 2 minutes after the initial explosion I was still shuttering and had actually had one more significantly less intense orgasm as Kelli was trying to lick me clean.

She finally popped back up beaming. ” Baby, you are a squirter, I bet that’s why it hurt you aren’t used to that feeling. Let’s celebrate!” She pulled blackberry wine out of the fridge and poured it over lemonade ice cubes, and we drank it, While riding our high.

We Made love 4 more times before finally going to bed that night. It was a night To cherish.

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  1. Excellent! didn’t know you could even read this on a blog.
    I enjoyed this immensely. I have already read the 3rd part as I didn’t realize it was 3 until you told me.
    Next comes 2. I can hardly wait.


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