Frozen Lemonade (2) ~*18*~

Kelli, and I continued our Gypsy life. We started in the southern states from California, the plan was to hit all 48 of them by next summer, and with the permits, our parents had gotten us it was perfect. The Truck was actually a huge hit.  Especially in summer months, we made over 1,000 most days. It was fun to go into stores and buy all of their lemons and berries and get the oddest looks.. At the end of the summer, We were in New York City, I had used some of my money to buy a ring, and told her “Let’s spend a week in France!” I told her one night while counting our money, We could park the truck at a family friend’s restaurant. Her eyes lit up, She had been preparing for a trip to France for years. I was about to make her dream come true.

We booked a flight for the end of September. And we spent the first week of October in Paris. Paris, in the fall, is amazing, the Eiffel Tower, at night in the fall is amazing. Our Final night in Paris, We finally went to the top of the tower, it was sunset, in fall, the way the rays hit her hair, reflected the sunset, her big bright green Eyes  shining with excitement, her  cute Parisian outfit she had just bought, She looked like a freaking goddess that night. I got down on one knee…  And asked her to marry me. She didn’t even think about it before saying yes. We took obligatory selfies and sent them to our moms, then waited until we were back at our hotel to announce it on social media.

It was a very beautiful night in Paris. Even though our flight left at 3 am, we did not sleep. We spent the night celebrating. The way we celebrated EVERYTHING; with Intense love making, followed by intense orgasms and intense cuddling.

We boarded our flight, and waited until take-off, I had upgraded us to first class for the flight home, because, my woman, deserved the best of the best, after all, she will only get engaged in Paris once, right?  Well, I saw the look in her eyes, once we were in the air and she looked at the door the bathroom. I giggled, whispering “As you wish.” So we went to join the mile high club, in the first class bathroom. It was fun and had just been cleaned before everyone got on so it didn’t smell at all. I was on the sink with her head in my nether regions, licking and sucking, and nibbling as if her life depended on it, the turbulence added a fun effect. A couple times. As soon as I came, we switched spots, which even in first class is quite a task, thankfully, we are both fairly small framed, I started finger fucking her Hard and fast, stroking her gpsot, and licking her clit, knowing she’s a screamer, not wanting to cause a disturbance, I popped up pushing my mouth to hers, playing tonsil hockey with her as she rode out her waves of pleasure, her almost screams left as soft moans in my mouth.

We straightened our outfits out hoping we weren’t too loud, as I Poked my head out no one looked particularly disturbed so I stepped out, and sat down, then a few seconds later, Kelli followed me. She looked so incredibly happy, Eventually, we slept for a good half of flight back to NYC.

Upon landing, we spent the night at our family friend’s house before hitting the road to New Jersey. We just slept that night, We were set to leave at 6 am, and had a primo spot, since the weather was cold, we had decided to add hot tea, and coffee drinks to our menu, but still had our frozen ices for the occasional crazy. Our Family friend, Chef Milly, had hooked us up with vendors for coffee, and added a small oven to our truck, so we provide cookies or something if we wanted. I never really noticed how much our little food truck could actually hold and do. of course, some of our stock was in the little airstream that we pulled on the back, and slept in sometimes, Now the weather was cooling, worried for her health mostly, we decided to stay in Hotels and Hostels. Some of the hostels even allowed us to open our truck to make a little extra money. Jersey and main were fun. By Halloween, we had made it Minneapolis. My Kelli had fallen in love with the area at first sight, They had amazing storms, she said, and a club we both really liked, called Ground Zero. She wanted to finish out our quest to take our truck out to the rest of the states, we only had 10 left at this point. 10 more weeks on the road.

“Zara, my lovely almost wife?”

“Yes, baby?”

” Can we move here, when we are done with our tour?”

” Is that what you really want?”

” Very much so.”

” So it shall be, My Kelli.”

“Yay!” Kelli tackled me and gave me a super passionate kiss, the next day we started looking at places, in Minneapolis and putting college applications. And headed out to finish out tour, which in winter months, was kind of a pain, We open shop at truck stops instead of areas we had permits, but we still made good money. Around Christmas, we had made it to Seattle.

Our truck was parked only two blocks from the space needle, and two blocks from our hotel… So we decided to walk to and from, and oddly enough no one bothered us, but it was also pretty secure, our family had planned it out well for us. We called and thanked them for this so many times.  Seattle at Christmas is amazing. Almost like a fairyland, with lights everywhere, very magical. On Christmas Eve, We were walking back to our hotel, when a drunk driver drove right up onto the sidewalk, striking both Kelli and myself. We tried to dive out of the way, but the car was too fast.

The Car had Kelli Pinned to a pole, and tossed me across the street, I had hit my head hard on something, but I had somehow managed to get my self back to Kelli, and grabbed her hand, All I remember hearing, was her sobbing she loved me and was sorry she couldn’t move with me I told her she would live, and we would get married and adopt babies and live in Minneapolis, I lost consciousness just as I saw the lights of the ambulance.



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    1. AAAAHHHHH HAHAHAHAHAH PROBABLY NOT!!! Unless they felt like have an experiental night they are college bound after all XD Thank you for reading, I really am very excited for part 4 almost dont want to wait til next week to write it, I may release it earlier than planned.

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