Chain of Love – Walmart Edition.

Not many know this about Walmart, in fact, Many just think it’s this big ol’ meanie corrupt corporation who don’t give a rip about their employees, or customers… They are very involved in the community, they support many causes throughout the year, Right now is Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. They take place in events throughout the year and host their own.

Well, I am an employee at Walmart, yes, I wear a sexy blue vest, khaki pants, and Participate in meetings where I have to do a ridiculous cheer. But I. Love it.

Well, today, I was on my lunch break, and I didn’t really intend to start a chain reaction, I Just felt generous. I paid for my sandwich, cheesecake, and water then paid $5 to CMNH. I Had a card in my hand, where I had written my quote. ‘ You don’t owe me a

” ‘You don’t owe me a thing,I’ve been there too, Someone once helped me out, just the way I’m helping you, if you really wanna pay me back, here’s what you do, don’t let the chain of love end with you.'(Chain of love~Clay Walker) Love Sin. ” With my last $15. told her to give it to the next person who came after me, and to tell them, just to pass it on when they can.  Well, The chain kept on, and people kept donating $5 and adding to the money in the envelope,  maybe using 5 bucks, and singing the card.  I had walked away but watched the last few minutes of my lunch break amazed at what I was seeing, People would only use $5 of it to donate to CMNH, and tell my fellow associate to pass it on. She did that, It went on like this for 3 hours.

When it finally Ended, for now, with Ms. Vera Williams. She is a regular at our Walmart, almost everyone knows, that she recently lost her husband, and brother, and gained 3 extra small children, in addition to her 3, and is struggling. She is one of the sweetest ladies you will ever meet, she’s only 31. Her husband was her high school sweetheart. He passed away about a month ago now, with her brother, to a drunken car accident. ( please do not drink and drive folks, no should you get in a car where the driver is drunk. While you can’t control others, you  CAN control yourself, if everyone does this, we will be safe. PSA Over.) I was there when she got the call, she was in my line, dropped her phone and looked absolutely shocked, I called a CSM over and requested to make sure she either got to the hospital safely by taking her myself ( via Public transport ofc, the Tram runs right by the hospital he was at, and would have been faster than driving tbh) or waiting with her, while her family  came to get her. I was granted permission to do whichever would be faster. SO I clocked while she tried to get a hold of her family. I ended up escorting her there via tram and walking her to the waiting room where her in-laws and children were justing getting there as well.  I offered my condolences and gave them my card if they needed anything to call me (I don’t know if I have mentioned this but I also do floral design as a small freelance side job so I always have cards on me). They ended up calling for wake flowers. Which, I did free of charge for them.

Well anyway, a month later, Ms. Vera is still struggling financially, and it shows, she looks as if she’s aged ALOT… Everyone at Walmart has learned her story, whether from her kids, word of mouth or her directly. The chain couldn’t have ended on a more deserving lady. NOt one thing in her order had been for her, except a box of pads. ( Food doesn’t count, obviously, she has to eat). Her total bill was 400, 240ish of that was covered via WIC and Food stamps. leaving her with 160ish left over.  Well, Ms Vera’s card was declined for insufficient funds, the lady in front of MS. vera had just added  $20 dollars to the card making it $150, and was about to hand it back to the cashier when she saw that Ms. Vera was about to burst into tears at the realization that everything she wanted to get the kids( Mostly winter clothes, but also some toys) would all have to be voided, and some of the food as well. She handed the envelope to Ms. Vera and said “Don’t let the chain of love end with you, hun.”  and walked off with her cart. The Cashier Smiled and Ms. Vera opened the card, Read it, burst into tears, and insisted she couldn’t use it. The cashier said, ” but you can, this is what this money is for, to be used by someone who needs it, to be passed on until it finds who it is looking for, and honey, it chose you.” So. Ms. Vera said “My husband, he would say use it, for the kids, So I will. but its still short, you can take the box of pads off, that should even it out. I should have enough at home until next time anyway…” The Cashier Was about to take the pads off the order when another associate said ” UM, miss, Vera, I think you Dropped this money earlier,” It was enough to pay for the complete bill, and for her to either keep the rest or donate it to CMNH. ANd she donated it. .. Promising to pass it on when she was able, not realizing her donation counted as passing it on as she didn’t keep the change.

That woman is so sweet. I wish her all the best. Vera, if you see this, Stay strong. TO everyone else who may be suffering similarly.. please stay strong, whatever is going on will pass.. and always… ALWAYS. keep the chain of love going.

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