Dear Reader…(2)

Dearest Readers.  I was just reading through emails, some I really wish were comments, but it’s ok that they aren’t, I wanted to comment on some common things I have seen or been asked, and give a very very very belated progress report XD. Without further adieu…

First of all, THANK YOU, for reading my diary, and for leaving comments, or nice messages of encouragement, and sharing your stories with me. There are not many of you yet, but I like that you don’t mind how random my blog is and that somehow, you have all taken something from them, whether finding solace in a poem, finding release from a story, relaying a message to someone who needed it.

I have gotten a couple messages from people saying that they printed out or forwarded “A plea the to the light” to express the feelings they couldn’t otherwise. I also received a few emails requesting to use some or all “Walker Races” at elderly, and DD homes.  I am honored that these spoke to you. However, you really don’t have to ask my permission to use my “Things That Matter” categorized works, all I ask is that you don’t pass it on as your own, as that’s not cool, and I would never do that to you. But you do have express permission to use them. Where you see fit. I do appreciate being asked and told whether they were effective or not though. It’s interesting to me.


frozen lemonadeFrozen Lemonade Part 3 follows this post at some point today… For those asking what happens Next, You’ll soon find out. I won’t give spoilers. Sorry. Except that part 3 will be largely vanilla, sorry to disappoint. For those wanting to know. I do not know how many parts it will have. I originally planned for 5. It all depends on how much I  wish to tease you. 😛 But I will put each of the remaining parts out once a week, I realize it’s not fair to leave you hanging for so long.

I won’t give a huge long progress report but rather… A short summary.

I have 3 jobs now and am studying floral design and restaurant management. GO ME.  One of which transfers after 6 months. So this means I will be moving around March, last month (September) Alone I was able to save $400, theoretically, if I still wanted to move this month, I could, but have decided to wait the 6 months so I have a guaranteed job. Since I have so much going on it’s hard to find the gumption to write like ever. But I still wish to try, so I will. I’ve actually Finally blocked out 1 hour every other day to just write, whether it brings about 1 post or 7 ^.^. I have mentioned something about weight. Since I run my ass around basically 24/7 I have lost 25 pounds. Where? I am not 100% certain. But that’s Half my “By New years Goal”. WOOHOOO. Korea town, I’m saving money for this still, I have now 400 saved for this trip as well ( I’m saving at a slower rate though, only $50 every 2 weeks). Though I think now Korea town we will only spend one day for shopping, our real trip will be ghost hunting in Virginia CIty and a few places in between there and home. I am excited, she doesn’t know it yet, but she will be super happy! ( Does anyone know where to get reputable ghost hunting equipment? I need to add this expense to our budget). Speaking of “sister”. Her wedding. Again Saving $50 every two weeks. I have approximately 350 for. I think… that count is off. I didn’t count recently or before writing this post. I’ll do so in the next progress report. Chain of love is still going strong. And I will write today’s experience in its own diary entry. I now only have $300 Left on that personal LOan I was annoyed with.  And that ticket… Well, I’m still paying on it XD slowly. But Also saving for a car that Hopefully, I’ll have by the time I move I am vaguely aware it’s taxing to give me rides when public transportation is not going to get me there in time.

Progress Report over.


Reader Interaction:

How Would you feel about a Boy Love Series, Like Frozen Lemonade?

What is Something you would actually LIKE to read about?

Would anyone be interested, in seeing some sample Budgets to form theirs from? What would be a minimum budget you’d like to see, maximum? ( be realistic please though)

I am the queen of budgeting. Would you like to book a two-hour session with me, to actually form a budget for you?(it’s free, and can be done completely online. Just remember it does get a bit personal, as I have to go through your finances with a fine-toothed comb, but would be well worth it if you can stick to it. (it could be less than two hours, or more, depending on how messy it all is, or what you truly desire). I would love to help and since I am not licensed, yet, It’s completely free. (I just would like to follow up with you, over a course of 6 months, when we will re-evaluate if necessary, where I will ask you to write me a short letter (I’ll have them pre-typed and you just have to answer the couple questions) for my portfolio for when I am licensed. And I will stick with you for as long as you need me too. 

Link me to your blogs if you have them! Or those of your friends’, or family. ♥


Love always,


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