The Sorcerer (1) ~*18+*~

I pulled my boots back up to my thighs, and zipped them up, pulled up my skirt just a bit, and tightened my corset string. I picked up my cell phone and put it in the special pocket in my corset, the pocket also houses a tube of lipgloss, and occasionally a tampon. Is the pocket is nestled at my waist, nestled between two pieces of ribbing, and under a layer of leather and lace, its safer than carrying a purse. I tucked my taser and pepper spray at the rim of my boot. Lastly, I plugged my too big headphones into my iPod.
“I HAVE HAD AN AMAZING TIME TONIGHT, I HOPE YOU DID TOO, BE NICE TO DJ DIAMOND, AND AS ALWAYS… STAY SEXY!”I announced before playing my final song, as Diamond entered the booth and I stepped out. We have yet to exchange any words, I tried to introduce myself before and she looked at me as if I were speaking alien.

Dancing my way through the club, to the bar, I feel his presence near me. Watching me, as a hunter after his prey. He never approaches me, but always seems to become closer. I don’t know his face or his name. Just his presence, his aura… His scent.
I sit in my stool and the bartender, Lilly, hands my usual drink. Caribou Lou.
Taking a sip, I try to hide the shock. The drink had very little pineapple juice this night. I twirled the swizzle stick in my drink as I sat there thinking about the presence I felt. Why do I feel him so strongly? I’ve tried to follow his aura many times over the last few weeks. to no avail.
As soon as I hit the bar the aura dissipates. Something rouses me from my thoughts, I look up to see bright green eyes locking mine from the other side of the bar. He smiles. “Come.” I hear a sexy, masculine voice in my head, clear, but a whisper, both a demand and a request. I look around and see no one, then I go back to my drink and thoughts when I hear the voice again. “Come”. Suddenly my heart is beating erratically, and my legs are carrying me to the man opposite of me. I sit on the stool next to him, and that’s when I feel the elusive aura again, strongest its ever been and let out a gasp.
How can such an ominous aura come from such a beautiful man? Dressed in mostly black, the guyliner to perfection, black tapestry embroidered vest over a white collared, ruffle shirt, tight black jeans, his longtailed double-breasted coat over the chair, and a short top hat on his head, tilted only slightly. I can only imagine what lies beneath those clothes.
“Hello, DJ Storm, It is lovely to meet you.”
” I uh. Storm… Just.. Aura?”
” Ah so you have felt me before, I am sorry, I am rather shy.”
I couldn’t say anything, I could only openly gape at the man.
“Hmm, you must be tired, let me walk you to your car?”
“I use lyft.”
“Why don’t we save you a few bucks, I’ll drive you…”
“I Don’t know you.”
“No, but take a chance and trust me, I Know you have a taser, and pepper spray. and those heels on your boots could probably stab a man if he isn’t careful.”
” Fine, I’ll trust you.”
We walked out to his car, Nothing too Fancy, Just one of those new Jeeps that good themselves, black, with black interior. Honestly Kind of sexy, Like him.
I felt my body begin to heat, tingle deliciously, and my heart beat frantically again. My corset suddenly feeling too tight.
Subconsciously running my hand through my hair and down my chest.
” You ought not to do that, you could give a man thoughts.”
I gasped as he turned down my street, I just realized I had never given him my address.
“How do you know where I live?”
“We are neighbors, I get your mail constantly, I shove it under your door.”
“Oh, that’s you…. I never feel you here though.”
“Maybe you feel safe at home.. or do you sleep with your taser?” He asks sardonically.
He walks to me to my door and kisses me softly on the forehead.
“Would you like to come in for some wine?”
He looks at me curiously and accepts my offer. I lead him to the living room, suggesting he make himself at home, and turn on some music then, go to the kitchen and pour us some wine.
Upon my return, he gazes at me lustfully but I pretend not to notice. He accepts the wine. He swishes it in his glass and smells it.
“It’s –”
“1965 Blackberry Merlot, Imported from Italy. A rare find.” He says taking a sip.
“Correct. I have many of these bottles, how did you know?” I asked sipping my wine.
“I know any wine from its smell. An odd and rather useless–” It was my turn to cut him off, I straddled him, kissing him passionately, grinding into him and I unbuttoned his vest. with one hand and knocking his top hat off with the other.
He easily undid my corset had me out of it in just a few moments.
Unbuttoning his shirt, as he played with and sucked on my breasts, eliciting soft moans from me. I got his shirt off and saw the body equal to that of a god. I ran a manicured hand down his chest, over his abs, and unbuckled his pants.
I stood on the couch, at his command, and held onto one of the sconces for stability as he unzipped my left boot with one hand, pulling it down with the other, once the first boot was off, he repeated it with the other.
He kissed and nibbled my inner thigh,, up to my pussy, protected only by the thin lace of my panties, I felt him inhale my arousal, and then, Felt his tongue on my nether regions. I moaned softly, Within seconds my shirt and panties flew from my body and his face was buried deeper. I could feel the orgasm intensifying, coming to edge, Has it really been so long, that I can come instantly? His teeth gently capture my swollen clit as his tongue teasingly taps at it. As gold miner’s pickax chipping away at rock to find the loot.
My breathing becomes harder, and faster, He slips me a digit.
“I’m so close!” I cry out, almost begging for release.
He removes all of himself from me, and gently pins me to the couch.
“No, you aren’t.” He says with a wicked Grin. He grinds into me softly and kisses my neck, another moan escapes my lips, I can feel his erection. He keeps the soft motion, His man hood, still covered by his briefs, provides an interestingly pleasing friction on my cat, who is all but screaming to feel reprieve.
On the edge of climax, I can feel myself tightening, my toes curl and my back behins to arch, I’m nearly there…
“I must away dear Storm, I apologize.” In lightening speed, he is off of me and out the door…

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