Coming Soon…(10/2017)

Coming soon to a Diary Page near you…

Here’s a Glimpse at what you will find on my blog in the next few weeks (in No particular order)

  1. New Installments of Frozen Lemonade.
  2.  New installments of The Sorcerer
  3.  3 song story Challenges.
  4. top 5 Kpop English covers, Top 5 English Kpop covers
  5.  A couple personal entries
  6. A couple budget Samples. ( per follower requests).
  7.  HOPEFully A collab story/ blog with one or two other bloggers, Any takers? ( Could be a great opportunity to network!)


Also, I am hoping to create a more user-friendly blog site. 😛

Human Interactions:


Are you a fellow blogger, or Writer in your spare time? Would you be interested in collaborating with me and other on a CO-blog? It would work kind of like those chain stories you did in just about every English class, Where One person starts the story, writing, say, 1 paragraph, and passes it to the next person.  At the beginning, we can credit with links to our individual blogs/websites via “By Lines”

E.g. The Day the Music Died,

A collaborative blog


Sin, David, and Jessi

(SOrry if the other two are actual links hahaha, I just made things up.)

PPLLEEEAASSEEE it will be so much fun, we can use Dropbox or google docs to write the piece If it’s needed. Yes, we would all have the same entry. But it would still be fun!


One thought on “Coming Soon…(10/2017)

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  1. It sounds like you are going to be a busy bee! If I weren’t so damn busy with writing projects in my professional life, I would definitely co-blog with you…I just don’t have the time. But, I will check-in and see what you are producing…love your stuff! 🙂


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