Lotus Song (1) ~*18+*~

The Gravel path led her around a huge pond, cherry and plum trees in bloom. The path covered in falling petals, gave the area an enchanting aura.

At the far end of the pond, between two weeping willows was nestled a stone bench, elaborately carved, many years ago by her great-grandfather, to her great-grandmother. She could hear the symphony, from across the way, the birds were chirping, seemingly in tune with the soft voice, resembling a soft summer breeze, the fury of a storm, the whimsy of a waterfall, the eeriness of fog. Sing a song of old, she could see the voice’s vessel from behind.

Long Dark brown hair, cascading over a slender frame.

Mara followed the voice, as she neared the figure slowly turned towards her. The woman was wearing a long red gown, the bodice hugged her torso, in all the right places, including the bust which was displayed in a tasteful manner, the sleeves, long, and made of Chantilly lace, the same material rippling softly in the breeze, like petals falling from the woman’s waist.

She was wearing a crystal mask, so Mara could not actually know who the woman was.

She stopped her mesmerizing song, whispering “My love. you have returned… The lotus is in full bloom, can you smell it on the wind?”

Mara slowly shook her head and bent to at the nearest lotus to catch the fragrance. She felt a stiletto in her back, she lost balance, and fell into the pond’s nigh crystal-clear water, it was freezing, like a million tiny knives stabbing her. The Koi circled her, her legs got caught in the plant life, the icy water filling her lungs, she could not escape, everything went dark.

She awoke with a fright, and unable to breathe for a few moments. That is when she noticed the tingling all over her body, and the pool of her arousal. She has had this dream every night and she had always woken the same. Scared, and horny as hell. What was it with this woman in red? And why, pray tell, did Mara always lean into smell the lotus. What the hell does a lotus even smell like? Ugh. She was frustrated in more ways than one.

She Pulled clothes and pants out of her closet at random, and panties that didn’t match her bra. And then she headed for the powder, she would let the jets in the tub do her dirty work for her. She lit candles and added bubbles and rose petals to the water. Sinking to her nose she aimed all of her jets at her body, and spread her legs just a bit, enough that the jet aimed at her center would hit her with just enough force in both that she won’t have to do anything except relax and let the water bring a tidal wave of release upon her. In her current position, Mara’s breasts poked out of the bubbles, the cool air in the bathroom causing her nipples to harden, she fondled her self as the jets continued their assault on her nether regions. The Sensation was intense, a few short moments later, her back was arching, toes curling, moaning in pleasure.

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