The Sorcerer (2.5) ~*18+*~

I could feel her against me, stroking me, softly, tenderly.  I took her hand, guiding it along my shaft, savoring the feel of her soft skin against mine. I coaxed her to stroke faster, and harder, I needed this release. I had been trying since I had heard her moaning next door while making a late night snack. I want her so bad. GOD this woman.. even her eyes, dark blue like the night sky, are sexy as hell, I could see them peaking at me from under her long dark lashes. Her perfect rack begging to be touched. Her soft, erratic breath on my neck, her griding into me, I needed her NOW. I was so close to cumming. I turned around in the shower with my eyes closed, I felt her pull herself on to me, I refused to open my eyes, I was enjoying this daydream, I could hear her lift in the washcloth ring from the tiles of the shower, as if for leverage, and suddenly felt her legs around my waist, pulling me towards her, I obliged, My dick found her center and entered softly, I began to thrust softly, she felt amazing her arms around my neck now, I looked into her eyes, filled with lust, I felt my breath hitch. I drove into her harder, I felt her tighten around me as if holding me hostage. She came around me, her scream of pent up pleasure taking me by surprise, suddenly, she whispered: “Cum for me baby, Cum Now.” My eyes closed briefly as I took one last thrust.

DAMN IT! Twice in one night this fantasy.. it got me… TWICE, I am unable to get off, even by my vown hand… Maybe this is karma for leaving in the middle of sex with her. I Should go make it right. I walked myself over to her place, with only a towel and knocked softly on her door. Upon entering, I noticed candles, real candles, Lit all over the house. The sultry voice of Anya Kalie (a Russian R&B goth opera mix singer) pouring softly from the nearby stereo system. I walked towards her room…

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