Devil’s Advocate: Foodies & Fancy Things

Why does everyone judge those of us who have food stamps and “Fancy things”. I hear all the time “If she didn’t spend so much on her clothes, she would have grocery money” “If she didn’t buy the iPhone 10zillion, she could pay her grocery bill.” 


welfaremomI’m not saying that people don’t misuse the system. I am certain they do as I have met a few,


but have you ever really THOUGHT about other reasons why the lady in front of you in line at Wal-Mart using food stamps/WIC in the first place if she can “afford” the latest Prada bag? I bet you have not. SO, LET’S STOP TO THINK HERE FOR A SECOND.



If you were to call Jenna, the woman in front of you, out on her food stamps with the latest Prada bag… She may say ” I am between jobs at the moment, and I have two kids to feed, I bought this bag before I lost the job I had been at for 10 years due to budget cuts.” or Maybe she has a piggy bank and has been saving for years.


So the next week you see a man, in a suit, with a food stamp card, again you say he’s gypping the system, then you hear his explanation. “Yes, This is an Armani suit,” he says with tears in his eyes “Yes, I paid for it…But I saved up for a year to buy it brand new.  This is my only nicer suit, and I only wear it for special occasions, Tonight is my anniversary, and I am spending it with my late wife at her gravesite, she left us 6 months ago. It hit us hard financially, we are slowly getting back on our feet, my oldest child left college to come home and help with bills.”   Do you feel like a douche bag yet?


Ok, let’s talk to Nancy, with the latest iPhone, and nice clothes.


You are the cashier today, and despite your attempt at a poker face, your face says “IF you didn’t have fancy things you wouldn’t need that ghetto card.” Nancy looks up at you and frowns. “The phone was a gift for my birthday from my mom.” “I didn’t say anything ma’am” “No but you were giving me that look. Also, I buy all of my clothes on eBay, garage sale sites, and thrift stores. I spend $100 every 6 months, if I am lucky on brand new clothes, for myselfr. I only make $1,200 a month, rent is 800… bills add up to $250, I am a single mother of 3.” If you had taken a closer look at Nancy’s clothes, you would have realized the scarf and jacket are on the racks in your store.



I refer you to Haute Single Mom Blog, if you still think everyone leaches… I say she has legit reasons. she spoke on this 5 years ago, I found it when looking for images for this post, it is from her POV… I think she hit it right on the noggin!

This world a shitty place with shitty people who falsify their living situations or work situations and play the system, taking from someone who may actually need it more than them. But for every shitty person, there are 3 who truly need the help, whether longterm or temporarily. You never actually know why someone has government benefits, or how they acquire “Fancy Things”.  Also, YOU are not perfect either, I am sure there was a point in your life where you needed help, whether $5 for gas or something else. You wouldn’t want to be judged so harshly, don’t judge others before knowing their story. Don’t be a dick, unless they deserve it.

Human Interaction:


Do you or someone you know get benefits?

Are the reasons, in your opinion Legitimate?

Are they just playing the system?

Have you witnessed someone being judged harshly for their life?

Did you stop it?

How did you react or how did you feel?


Please be nice and respectful when voicing your opinion. 

4 thoughts on “Devil’s Advocate: Foodies & Fancy Things

Add yours

  1. I agree with most of it, if not the tone (you are judging me whilst I read this). I mean there certainly are people who exploit the system, Many of them are “smart” enough to tell you they are doing it and how. Others keep quiet, keeping the “good” thing to themselves. They are the ones that surprise you when SWAT comes bursting in to their home at 4am and they are taken in handcuffs.
    But the rest are of two places: first, there are the honestly needy. Those who cannot work to provide for all their needs. I am of that group. Disabled, I can work just a little, here and there. A lot of what I have I had before, did without while i saved, or was given to me. I don’t play the system. The rest do not have to play the system – they work. And, just so everyone knows, they get picked on too. I hear it all the time: “Man, they don’t really work….they just get more money for doing less than I do….” Yeah, you see, we don’t discriminate much. We pick on those less fortunate but seem to be doing better and those who do better but see to be better of still. What a world.


    1. Mmm that was the point I was trying to convey. I didn’t touch on disability on purpose :)… You just beat me to writing the next one 😛
      Nah, you are right though. Everyone gets judged and picked on usually for unwarranted reasons.

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  2. Thank you for your input btw. It will help in my next one 😛 I think imma sit down and write when I’m done. Or tomorrow haha I’ve been collecting Intel:P


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