Sin’s Writing Process… Q&A

I see these Questions a lot in my email box, I have decided to answer them in bulk! Enjoy, hopefully, my answers suffice. There is a total of 13 Questions & Answers.

  1. Question: What is your Writing Process?

Answer: I am not sure how exactly how to answer this one, as I don’t exactly have one, I mean some people do calisthenics, drink a beer, take a bubble bath, smoke a bowl, and zen for an hour before they write, then make brain maps, “pre-write”, and fire up their computer or pencil and begin writing. I don’t do any of this, really. The most pregame preparation I do is fire up the coffee pot and make a giant ass cup of coffee ( see the featured picture) then turn on music and write whatever appears on my screen.

This Q&A is the closest to premeditated writing I have done in my life, I Sifted through emails and picked the most common questions I saw, and a few random ones I liked and wanted to answer.

I guess reading these questions again, More of my “process” is described. But I do not have a steadfast routine.

2. Question: What do you listen to while writing?

Answer: Almost anything, but depends on my mood, or what I am working on.  These are typically what I am listening to at any given time while writing, I listen to everything else at other times of the day:




On other random occasions, I will listen to Hozier Radio, or watch Asian Drama’s while writing.



3. Question: What got you into writing?

Answer: Uhhhhhh… I don’t reallllyyy know I have always liked writing and telling stories, Also I love reading.  On a more bittersweet note, my “father” wanted to be a writer, and wrote songs, maybe still does, I am not sure, but, it must be in my blood * exaggerated winky face*

4. Question: What do you do when you have “Writer’s Block?”

Answer: I have only had Writers Block a couple times. I don’t get it often. Because I do what I call “babble writing” no rhyme or reason really I just write, I don’t even have a general storyline for most of my things unless I am doing a report, something like this, or song-to-story. I have a list of titles for future stories, and that’s what I go with. Like, The Sorcerer, I knew I wanted it to be a steampunk fantasy.. but originally it was meant to be a boy love story, That isn’t what happened when I started writing, Storm, came out as a woman. But those rare occasions when I do get blocked, I either stop and do something else, OR I Start a new piece OR work on another one already in progress.

5. Question:  Which of your works are you most proud of? Why?

Answer: Hmm, Of the ones I have shown to the public, probably Dear Daddy. 

Because Even though it didn’t get many view or comments, it was a story, that to me, was very real, because it was manifested from pent-up feelings, and honestly, it is probably pretty prophetic to my real future.

Of the ones I have yet to show anyone, I have a Recipe Novel that I am really enjoying so far. I am writing a series called Fan Service, as well which I think will be super fun when it is released. BUT OF THESE, I am very proud of a book I am co-writing with someone very dear to me. It has been so fun, and not knowing what happens next adds excitement to it. I hope to work on more projects like this one in the future.

6. Question: Would you ever publish a book?

Answer: Of course… if anyone found it worth publishing. Then again…I could be a hipster and Self-publish my works.

7: Question: What are your longterm writing goals?

Answer: See answers 5&6 lol

Also, Travel writing would be fun, but to actually get paid for it you have to have some sort of certificate XD but on the upside, it won’t be too hard. Just some money.

8: Question: Who is your Favorite Author?

Answer: HMM this is a hard one… but These Ladies:



Are at the top of my list.

9: Question: If you could Co-write with a famous author, who would it be and what would it be about?

Answer: Only one? I couldn’t. But I think, Tina Folsom, and Mary Hoffman, (though I am not sure how Mrs. Hoffman would feel about writing paranormal erotica). But it would totally be a paranormal, semi-erotica sci-fi novel with an obvious steampunk ambiance.

10: Question: What is your favorite Quote?

Answer: ” Do you know how long it takes you to realize you are in love? 3 minutes, That’s enough time for a cup of noodles to cook.”

” Take Care of my slippers”

Both of the above from  Korean Dramas, I do not remember the names for, but once I know them I will credit them.. (that will be a lot of binge-watching though XD)

” Chase the morning, Yield for nothing” ~ From Repo! The Genetic Opera

Also, This one is pretty funny:



11: Question: IF you could be romantically involved with any fictional Character who would it be? Why?

Answer: Zane, From Scanguards Series. Hands down.  He sounds like someone I could get along with, and we have the same sense of “humor”.


13: Question: If your hands had been chopped off what would you do with yourself?

Answer: Suicide, but when that failed, I would learn to type with my feets. Or use speak to text to write my stories. HAHa.

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