The Sorcerer (3) ~18+~

I had ghosted him this time, I was in his shower, I could feel him throbbing, and I knew instantly he was close to cumming, but I needed him to feel my pain, just once I wanted someone to feel how I did, and As soon as thought “Yep, he’s close time to leave” I closed my eyes about to get out of his shower, when I felt a slight draft, I opened one eye, slowly and looked around, I was in my living room, naked. If I had aroused him in the way he had aroused me, twice, he would be over to finish the job. I didn’t have my heart set on it, but I could feel the tension from beyond the wall. He wanted me, and I wanted him. I lit a bunch of candles, in the house, a trail leading to my room, and changed into a black corset and black lacey panties, then, some music, and laid on my bed, with a book, and just in time, because just a few seconds later, a disheveled, only covered by a towel (which did NOTHING to hide his arousal) sorcerer had stepped into my room. I looked up at him with a coy smile.

“Oh! The sorcerer has returned…”

“How did you … Xaq. My name is Xaq” he walked over to me slowly, as if hesitant.

“You are, I’ve put it together, I’ve never known a sorcerer, but all of the signs are there. The aura, the attraction, the disappearing acts, my disappearing when I wanted you to know how I felt.”

“Then, are you.. a Sorcereress Miss storm?” He had made his way to the foot of my bed.

“Only by blood, my mother was Mira Noire.” I beckoned him to come to me with my pointer finger.

The Mira Noire? I should not be so attracted to you then, it could be dangerous if anyone found out.”

“What? it is not as if you are a Merlot…” I looked at him quizzically and his smile faltered a bit. “but, Xaq, they died out years ago, before I was born, only their followers are left, and there are not many of them left?”

“They are as much alive as the Noires, just in hiding… that explains why we haven’t been able to finish with each other, and are only just now crossing paths.” He smiled at me sweetly and kissed my lips softly eliciting a moan.

“A blood feud is no joke… Why don’t we break it? Before we end up like Romeo and Juliet.” I said as I ran my hand the length of his shaft.

His turn to moan. “You know what entails right?” He bit my neck hard enough to bleed and lapped at it while undoing my corset.

“Indeed good sir. I know. I am ready, but please, I beg you, Give me release.”

He whispered in my ear “Of course milady.” His promise made me shiver, as his lips found mine. He had freed my body of all clothing, and his towel had long ago been lost. His lips traveled down my body slowly, tantalizing me, setting my body aflame with every nibble and lick. Two of his fingers found my center, thumb navigated my clit, his little finger found my dark portal, he moved them all in precise and perfect teasing motions. That’s when he bit the sensitive part of my pelvis where my tummy and hip meet. Again, I could feel his hot tongue lapping at my skin. He stroked me with more rigor and passion as he licked his way back up my body, he brought me dangerously close to the edge. With a POP he had disappeared. I could hear from the other room. “FUCKING BLOOD FEUD!”

This would hard and annoying for either of us to finish, as blood feuds don’t allow you to have that level of intimacy with the opposing side, without a fight, as the opposing magics will collide, and fight each other. It could be dangerous. The magic explosion could kill you. Or you could make an impenetrable bond, and rule the world. This bond would make most powerful and pure magic. Even more so than having 3 siblings with the powers of a sorceress/sorcerer… Unless the trifecta is born of a feuding couple. Most who possess such power would use it for evil. To prevent this, the council, made a “law” that said all members of feuding sides would be prohibited of intercourse, which would eventually make it hard for them to fall in love unless they were strong as fuck. The law is ever enforced, once the blood of a family member from either is spilled, the feud is begun.

Xaq had come back in and without warning, his hard, and throbbing manhood was sheathed inside me driving to the edge once more, I could feel him grow even harder as I tightened around him. Harder and faster Neither of us uttering how close we were to release as it would ruin our already small chances of release. We almost finished 5 times each.
“Storm, should we maybe try doing the ritual first?”

“Let’s do the impossible,” I said softly as I was riding him slowly. “We can do it” by try number 13 we were exhausted and ready to give up, but as luck would have it, the sun had set again, and It was a full moon.

I was face down and ass up when the moon shone through my window, he had picked up speed, Has me moaning loudly, then simultaneously he flipped me onto my back, grabbed my ass if he couldn’t get deep enough, and used the other arm to steady himself.

We locked eyes, and from both mouths the words. “Cum for me baby, Cum now”. My Back arched, I felt my orgasm like a tidal wave, and his joined mine, they both collided, crashing together in perfect tandem.

I smiled up at him, an unspoken “Thank you” was reflected in his eyes, and his touch, as his lips met mines tenderly. He buried his face in my hair riding out his orgasm. Once we were finished, he pulled out and got a warm washcloth, cleaning me up, my pussy was tender, I was so determined earlier that I didn’t notice how it was swollen. Then he cleaned himself and winced.

“This will be easier soon enough”. A cloud passed over my window and we were covered in darkness. He scooped me into his arms and popped us into his room. And laid me on his bed gently and kissed my forehead. “No princess should have to sleep in the wet spots. Sleep here tonight.”

Crawling into bed he covered us with soft sheets and comforter, and wrapping his arms around me, spooning, we fell asleep.

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