Wrap Goddess…

I have always prided my self on my exceptional wrapping skills. I have MAD SKILLS BRO. NO.. really. I can wrap almost anything, I have not met an item I could not wrap. Of course I have never tried to wrap a car or a boat…

Today is my little brothers birthday… He turns 15 today. I wrapped his presents. Watch the magic unfold.

Step one: Place gift card in box!


Step 2: Wrap gift card Box


Step 3: Place tissue paper in jar, and penetrate paper with box ( I some how didn’t get this step fully in a picture sorry…

Step 3.5: Put lid on jar


Step 4: Wrap Jar.

20171110_145556 (1).jpg

Step 5: Now that the first present is wrapped, Place next present in bottom of box. Feel free to wrap it first if you wish. I didn’t, but sort of wish I would have, even though step 6 technically takes care of that.


Step 6. place sheet of wrapping paper as, a “false bottom”, I didn’t take the time to perfectly line as it is a false bottom, and I will fix it in the next step. Just make sure the “false bottom” is secure.


Step 7: Wrap the rest of the box, in the same paper, to disguise the false bottom. (Don’t forget to wrap the lid as well. As I was wrapping the lid I realized I should have hidden the gift card in the top, and left the jar to be full of nothing. There is still Christmas!


Step 8: Wrap the next gift. If you didn’t wrap them all at the beginning. Then put two layers of tissue paper in the bottom of the box. Under the top layer, on one side, Rest the present.

20171110_145659 (1)Step 9: Cover with the top layer of tissue paper. Nest The wrapped jar on the other side. To protect the jar, add some crumpled paper ( or packing peanuts could be fun too) over next to it.

20171110_145813 (1)

Step 10: Put the lid on!!!20171110_150717

Last step: Add ribbon… Real ribbon, zip ties, Duct/gorilla tape, Be creative. make it “fun to open.

Result: Whoever opens this should have so much fun doing it, Some may get frustrated. if you are UNlucky…like I was the multi wrapping wont phase them.



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