Theme of Day

I have decided it would be fun to start themed posts. I don’t know why but its there and it’s a thing, now. 


Monday – Money matters ~ tips, tricks and other random money related things.

Tempting Tuesdays

Tuesday- Tempting Tuesday~ FOOOOODDDD, and drinks. I will post a recipe every Friday.  good thing I have a couple days because I have absolutely NO idea what I will do yet. MAYBE. Epic Hot Chocolate…


Wednesday- Unknown, Ideas?


Thursday- Thankful Thursday~ Will *hopefully* be interactive, I will say one thing I am thankful for 😀 you should find something you are thankful for every day of course, but I thought this would be fun. (Sorry V, I stole your idea hahaha)


Friday- Unknown…


Saturday- Song to story~ I will write a story based on a song, yes, I will start this today.


Sunday- Sunday  Sin~ I will update all of my erotic stories, Frozen Lemonade, The Sorcerer, Etc.

This should all be VERY fun.

Human Interaction:


The days I have open, what do you think would be a good theme?



Someone wanted to see more BDSM related posts… I Could use the Friday for that: 

 Freaky Friday, Frisky Friday, Friday Night Kink: Which name do you find most fitting?

Do you have a better Idea?

Is there anything you would like to see specifically in any of these themes?  

ex; Song to story ~ A specific song turned into a story?  Tempting Tuesday~ A special sinful delicacy for a special occasion? 


4 thoughts on “Theme of Day

Add yours

  1. Addendum: I am working a 50+hour week (with today being 12 hours) SO I will either backpost since I said I will start this week OR start it next week lol. I am thankful for OT but I basically live at work this weeek lol.
    SOrry all 😀


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