RELIGION: Which is THE right one?

The simplified answer: They all are. It all depends on your personal beliefs, and where you feel most at home, most accepted.

I try very much to stay away from posting too much religious stuff, but a question was raised in my Guild Chat on Discord. Which Religion is the RIGHT religion?

You look at this question, and many of you will say “Well mine of course.” but the rest of you will be like OH good question. I don’t have an answer, as religion’s and their rightness, is all matter of opinion. Maybe Satan is your ONE TRUE GOD. Or maybe Buddha is the idol worth worshipping. The easiest answer without offending too many people and the one I stand by and have been giving people for years is the one I gave at the beginning of this post.

If you were raised in one religion, but don’t feel accepted for whatever reason it is, do your research, start with religions that interest you, step in on masses or gatherings. Ask That religions head why their religion, talk to them about the rules and beliefs, in short. Weigh your options.

I did this when I was younger, spent every available moment in the library, and in churches, synagogues,  temples, outdoors… I asked around I asked and I questioned. Even after I had decided ultimately I wanted to be Shinto. If I am being completely honest, I am actually Shinto-Buddhist, they are closely related. ANd both have elements and beliefs that fit my personality. while I chose to be a Shinto priestess, I still follow Buddhism. Yes, it’s complicated sometimes. But I made sure before becoming Priestess that I would be ok and not disgracing either religion by taking a higher title.

Religion is what you make you of it. No one can truly force your hand to believe them. They shove their beliefs down your throat, but if you don’t feel at home there, you will choke. if you believe you won’t have to chew it will be like swallowing a nice wine, but if you are still searching for your answer. be sure to chew before swallowing.

Be who you are, don’t repress yourself to the social norms, if you aren’t happy. If you are an amazing artist, you may not want to be in a religion that prohibits drawings. Religion is about mental and spiritual wellness. You can’t have those if you feel restricted.  IF you want to believe in something, look around, research, try them out. Find your home.

In my opinion, there is no TRUE religion. no one religion is RIGHT for everyone, no ONE GOD has rules that everyone can follow. I mean, not everyone is willing to peel grapes before eating them, so they probably shouldn’t be Shinto, unless they wanna perform a  purification ritual often. HAHA. I would never tell my children when I have them, that they HAVE to be any religion, I want them to choose where they feel most at home. Give them the freedom to explore. Be there own person. So this is what I am saying to those of you asking this question. Be your own person… Start your religion if you gotta. Like Peter did in Family Guy with the Church of the Fanz.

Have a lovely weekend!




5 thoughts on “RELIGION: Which is THE right one?

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  1. Lovely post! I really, truly enjoyed it. Didn’t know you were Shinto, though it doesn’t matter to me. I have no organized religious ties. I am an ordained minister…let’s see…”Church of the Children of Light”, I believe but would have to look it up. Just felt that I wanted to be ordained in some order in case I ever do want to start my own. I have thought about it. I read “Conversations with God” and I read Pam Grout and I listed to Matt Kahn. I mix em up and toss in my own personal 2 cents and there I am!
    We can discuss it anytime you wish.


    1. yep for about a decade and a half now XD priestess only for a little less than a year though. Omo I need to edit this post I was reading it and wondering how I didnt catch all of the errors XD I know I read it at least four times.

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