Money Matters Monday: Savings Catcher

For those of you who don’t know, IF you shop at Walmart regularly, there is a page on it, called “Savings Catcher.” It’s super stupid easy to use and could add up pretty quick if you are vigilant and persistent.

How it works:

You shop at Walmart, you spent your 100 (good luck escaping the store with less). KEEP YOUR RECEIPT.

Go home, unload your groceries and other random Walmart purchases.

once you have done that, find an electronic device that has interwebs. go to SavingsCatcher. (If you click the link it will take you right there ;D)


Once you are there, create an account, if you don’t already have a account. It’s ezpz.

once you are logged in you will see the Savings Catcher Dashboard. Bookmark it.  In the middle of the page you will see 3 boxes.

Box 1: Enter Receipt

add recipt

As you see, you can type in your TC number, or if you are using a mobile device you can scan the TC number, the TC is located at the bottom of the receipt, and above the barcode. Once you have done this, you click “submit” or “enter”

Hint: Be mindful of which receipts you submit, as you can only submit 7 receipts a week, and they have to be within the last 7 days, Use the biggest ones.

Savings Catcher does the rest for you. It’s intricate database, pulls prices from competitors, and if it finds something priced lower elsewhere, it gives you the difference. Which brings us to:

Box 2~ Redeem:

add recipt

As you can see, Right now, I have $1.22 Available to redeem and add to my current $.49. The part that says “total redeem” in fine print should give EVERY penny you have redeemed so far. This SS comes from a brand new account, as my name change is official! *celebratory noises and confetti*.

ON my old account, I let my money stay in there from February 2018.  Cashed out in November at  $250, which I used in combination with my 15% appreciation discount on November 30. Not bad, for not putting every possible receipt in, and forgetting about it for a month or so.

As of right now, you have to manually redeem your money, you can choose to have it sent your Walmart Bluebird card, or an E-Gift card~ with this option you can print the Egift out or show the barcode on you cellular apparatus, and an associate can then scan it for you ( Also technically part of walmart pay).

Starting in  February though, they will be making  changes, from the dashboard:


SO that should be interesting. If you are new to savings catcher,  Just choose e-gift or Walmart pay to redeem and save the hassle of doing the changes. WP is just like apple pay or google wallet or whatever they are called; once your checker starts scanning, a code will pop up, sometimes it’s slow to speed this up you can tell your cashier, you will be using WP for all or part of your purchase, once that happens, scan the QR code with your WP app. Viola… payment accepted.

I personally prefer the Egift method, It’s easier for most technologically challenged people.


Box Number 3: Recent Receipts//Receipt History:

recent recepts

This box just shows you all of the receipts you have entered, once they are processed and price matched ( usually with in a couple days even though it says 3-5 days, it will show you how much, if any, you are rewarded.

There is no limit as to how much you can use when you use it, as with any gift card (as long as there is money to be used, you may do so). Let it accumulate, and save on groceries every few months.  Combine this with coupons, or clearance sales, use $10 of your rewards to buy a year’s worth of ramen or treat yourself to a nice bottle of wine.

Or save it for a birthday or holiday!

Happy savings ♥

4 thoughts on “Money Matters Monday: Savings Catcher

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  1. Great idea. I do a similar thing with Meijer’s. It is easier and more automatic to use, but doesn’t check other stores, just makes couponing simple for a person like myself. I won’t go to Walmart because:
    Ah, you can read, comment here so that my dear friend gets the comments – heck, do as you wish…I have changed to Meijers and never regretted it…


    1. This was the webversion the app is way easier to use i might add that in here now that my phone has room for it. XD the receipts go straight to your account and I believe, on the app you just CLICK/TAP on your e-receipts.

      But you are right many other stores have similar set ups. We don’t meijers around here.
      But we do have Safeway, and if you are a club member not only do you get your club member discount but you add coupons to your club card for even more savings and less clippings!
      Which I have plans to write about if I find time to actually do so-_- so much babysitting and working lately T.T every time I do I get called away. Ah well.
      ^,^ thank you for your response, dearest friend! ♡♡♡ Sin

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