Friday Fictioneers: Aidyn’s Light (12/15)

PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook
THANK YOU, also to Rochelle for hosting such a lovely project every week, I truly am enjoying it, Thank you to my dearest friend Scott, for recommending it, and for everyone reading my Friday Fictioneers, and other posts, I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them! for More FF, click the cute little froggy below. FF is where you are given a photo prompt and write a story about it in only 100 words (or less) JOIN THE FUN!

This was based on a dream I had  just a couple nights ago, Why I had a dream about a couple of kids in the foster system I honestly couldn’t tell you, but it fits with the photo prompt. ~I think I want to explore their story further…~

Word Count: 100

Aidyn’s Light~

Aidyn and I, we were together from day one, we always begged to be placed in the same houses. We always were, as siblings, but our love went beyond that, for such a young age.

Our last home was nothing to envy, every kid in the system, feared the house. Aidyn, at 16 was becoming emancipated.

He would leave a light on for me, always, he promised, until his heart stopped beating, so I could always come…

2 years passed, that light was always on.

Another 6 months, my freedom vast approaching.

Aidyn’s light had finally burnt out, never again would it shine.

18 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Aidyn’s Light (12/15)

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    1. thank you 😀 indeed it was super lucid, considering ive never met the two kids in my dream, and experts (science) says only those you have met, do you dream about.” I think it will a neat and inspiring journey 😀

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    1. mm, Indeed, I have never been in the system, and i’m thankful for that, in all honesty, some case workers are really nice, and do their research, as they should, but most dont for whatever reason and children are stuck in bad situations, I only know this, because i have had friends in the system, and volunteered at a youth shelter, and briefly worked for a home with “at risk girls”.. . It’s so sad.. I wanted to be a case worker for the longest time, my attitude is what stopped me, I don’t take kindly to children being hurt (or anyone) and .. my filter tends to break. But, i am working to making a safe and happy home for some foster children in the near future, and hopefully, it will turn into a for ever home for some of them. and i think maybe thats why i had a random dream about random chilren i’ve never met before.. 😀


    1. It is rather real isn’t it, and it’s so open ended, I want to know why Aidyn’s light burnt out.. who snuffed it, he seemed like a good and caring young man. 😀

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    1. Well, that’s the fun part of interpretation, Maybe they did? Maybe Aidyn didn’t have to leave his light on anymore, because they could move in together, she wouldn’t necessarily need that beacon anymore.

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    1. ooohhh 😀 niceit’s amazing what dreams come up with! I have started writing another story, based off a dream, I am not sure whether i want to post it or make it a chapter book/short story and try getting it published. lol.

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