Friday Fictioneers: The Hat Lady

~* PHOTO PROMPT © Björn Rudberg . The idea is a complete story in 100 words or less, to read more or post your own follow the cute little froggy.  *~

Genre: Realistic Fiction 


“HATS HERE, GET YA HATS HERE! BEST QUALITY, LOWEST PRICE.” yelling from her table on the slowly freezing sidewalk, next to my cafe.

So many hats, piled to the sky.

“Hats here, best deal in town! Don’t let ya ears freeze off!”

Snow humans, neither stopping nor glancing, could all use hats. Their hairs all white, with snotcicles adorning their faces.

“HOMEMADE HATS FROM HOMESPUN WOOL!”. Closing shop, I bring her tea, and a gander, whilst copping a feel. neat rows, one of a kind hats soft, warm wool.

That’s when I notice the sign:

“Hana’s Hats. Free, with hug.”

21 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: The Hat Lady

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  1. Dear Sin,

    There’s nothing more healing than hugs. Wouldn’t it be a better world if we talked less and hugged more? I gotta tell you, though, you stopped me in my tracks with “snotcicles.” 🙂 Good one.




    1. Haha, I do agree with you it would such a happier place if people stopped being so harsh, and cold. And yes, It was the only way to descripe the people I saw passing Miss Hana XD


    1. The world is cold and cruel. I wonder if this is actually how it would go down. I almost want to do a social experiment with these conditions. I would feel bad making someone stand in the cold for so long though XD.


  2. Isn’t it amazing how people refuse to open their eyes and look at the world around them? They miss warmth, they miss love, and all because they’re too preoccupied or fearful. That’s a clever little story you’ve written there, giving us the message obliquely and elegantly.


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