Friday Fictioneers: Hashtags and Whirlygigs…


~* Friday fictioneers, the goal is to write a complete story within 100 words, based on a photo prompt. to read more or add yours, click the cute little froggy.*~

Word count: 100

“RAI! Do you see this?” Sai called out to me. “It’s… a machine!An old machine.”

“Ah yes, because you are an expert on machines.”

“Indeed.” Ignoring the sarcasm dripping from my lips. “We MUST assemble and recruit more freedom chasers, IF this whirlygig still works, we can learn from it, we could strengthen the hashtags…”

Spinning the top wheel, studying its movements carefully, dissecting and reassembling it within a few minutes, it had become a #WhirlyHash, a very strong, if not the strongest, hybrid.

Freedom Chasers finally had a chance at survival.

” Oh, my cog!” Sai really was an expert.

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