Because I am sooo good at keeping them. Some are the same ones I’ve had since August~ HEHE

well here goes:

  1. Lose 60 Lbs. In all honesty, I don’t know that losing that much will happen, but hey I lost 30 in 4 months so I mean if I work hard enough it could happen. IT will be nice to be able to comfortably wear my steampunk garb again 😀
  2.  Move for reals, by May. My job will be more than eligible to transfer in March, but due to problems, I may need a couple extra months to save a bit more money. HA.
  3. Help 3 more people with their budgets ~ any takers? It’s pretty easy. I’m building a portfolio.
  4. Finish my shorts~ Frozen lemonade, The sorcerer, Lotus song by February ( unless I decide to expand any of them).  So I can start new ones.
  5. Follow my “theme of the days” and try to post every day that I have set themes, Money Matters Monday, Tantalizing Tuesday, Thankful Thursday, Friday Fictioneers (Friday), Song to Story Saturday, Sinful Sunday.  AND maybe find a day for Wednesday, but having a day of rest never killed anyone right? haha.
  6. Keep chain of love alive~ This one has been pretty successful, and it is lovely to see other humans being compassionate with other humans.
  7. Find my human~ People say not to rush finding your human. but I’m getting old and would like to find my human. Whether that human is an adult and we adopt or surrogate a tiny human(would obviously not be this year, or whether that human comes in tiny human form sometime this year after my move…Either way, I know there is a human somewhere who needs all the love I have to give. 😀
  8. Read 15 books~ self-explanatory.
  9. Read and comment to at least 13 Friday fictioneers every week.
  10. Learn one new recipe a month~ add my own Sinful flare.
  11. Get a work published, or at least start the process  somewhere :Dd
  12. Become conversational in a 4th language.
  13. Fill at least 5 candle/ melt oders a month.



What are one of your resolutions? Do you expect to stick to them? Or Exceed them? Completely fail?

IF you need a cheerleader Sin is always here! Reader, FIGHTING!

5 thoughts on “Resolutions~

Add yours

    1. go for it! it is very hard to do one every day , especially when life hits you like a freight train 😦 hopefully ill be back on track soon 😀 but starting with one is a good place, you could slowly add more if you feel confident.

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