Money Matters Monday: Dolla Dolla Bill Y’all!

Well, I meant to post this last week, and fear posting next week may be too late so in the wee hours of tuesday morning I am posting a bonus MMM. A follow up// Prologue to Keep the Change~

There are so many money challenges floating around the interwebs. I am sure you have seen them all. These challenges help build good monetary habits, and will come in handy in the very very near future. Whether it is for you, or to teach your children the value and benefits of savings, Try these challenges on for size, OR try the ones mentioned in the link above.

Just a note, These can be manipulated in any fashion you ch.oose, in any denomination you choose, in any container you choose, whether it be your account or a mason jar. For me, for these ones I am using a Thomas Kincade popcorn tin, and doubling the amounts, $2 this week, $6 the next,etc.. but I am also doing the one pictured below that is by process of elimination (Pic 3). 


This is the Reverse of the famed “52 week challenge” again these plans are as solid as water. Change them how you want, but whatever you choose, be sure to stick to, or it won’t work… Yes, they numbered the weeks weird. not sure why they didn’t stick with the 27-52 week… but uh… the amounts you save are the same.
I did this version in 2016, or maybe the year before, and it worked amazingly.
Again this one was written awkwardly, I personally would ignore that last line, but if you can add a little extra, then go for it!
12 month
This one is self-explanatory, but like with the others, set it to what you can afford, and try to do the bigger numbers in earlier months, because saving that many big numbers in later months may prove challenging!



If any of y’all would like to see my charts, I will be giving updates throughout the year on the ones I am doing. IF you aren’t good at making charts, I am more than willing to create one for you, Just drop a comment or an email.

As always, If you need help with your personal budget, I am pretty dang good at budgeting and would love to help you become more financially stable.


3 thoughts on “Money Matters Monday: Dolla Dolla Bill Y’all!

Add yours

  1. I am financially stable. It took 2 marriages, 2 divorces, and a lot of pain and suffering to, finally, learn to keep money when I can. Now, my house is paid for, I have no debts, and am really saving for the first time.
    It feels wonderful.


    1. Gratz love! 😀 I only have a couple things to pay off to become financially stable and able to save up for the future. haha, it’s a struggle, but it’s not something that can’t be done. 😀
      but the closer i get, the less depressed and stressed out i get, so i imagine the feeling you have now is close to that of a great orgasm XD hhaha

      Liked by 1 person

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