Money Matters Monday~ Keep The Change


How often do you tell a cashier or waitress, etc. To “keep the change” because you will only be getting 3 pennies back? ( I am not saying don’t tip the waiters, Please do, They deserve it, usually, but be nice, don’t make that 3 cent tip your ONLY tip). Over time those coins will add up and you will have extra money. Let me illusionate here.

Happy New Year everyone! I am sure, deep down, somewhere you wish you had more money somewhere in your life… Whether it be your bank, or an account for your children’s future, maybe a vacation to Ireland. Whatever the case, Here are some great ideas to save over the next 365 days. I have done most of these at least once, they are tried and true.

Pennies: I think everyone has heard of the “Penny Challenge”. This one is one of the easiest and cheapest to do in retrospect. As its just pennies, and the most you will save for any one day is $3.65~ on the last day. For a total of 667.95,  Most of your holiday gifts will be taken care of (in theory of course)!


I have done this one for the last 5 years, Last year I had started adding nickles, dimes, and quarters as well.  I typically start saving the beginning of November So I can cash out, and get my holiday shopping taken care of, and up pay on bills, etc.  This time I started Today January first Just so I can do an effective follow up at the end of the year, and updates through out the year. Follow along if you wish 😀


Nickles: I have been saving 3 nickles a day.. just 15 cents. By doing this I will have $54.75 at the end of the year.  It’s smaller but in the end still helpful to whatever your goals are. You can do this however you want; 1 nickel a day with a total of $18.25 at the years end you could even do it the same as with the pennies, just times everything by 5! So day 1- .5, Day 2-. 10 Day 31- $1.55- if you did it this way, at the end of the year you would save $3,339.75~ Not bad, but not completely realistic either, at least not for most people.

Again if you want you can set bigger amounts of money aside. By weeks or by month.

Here is an example of le nickels!




Ideas for Dimes 😀


You can Repeat this amount every month if you wanted, or adjust it accordingly to the days of each month. and reset it.
This is one i would Break down into weekly savings amounts. 😀 And, this is the one I will be focusing on after my move in preparation for saving for my cafe! I will also try maybe next year, do to the 265 with quarters XD (Total of 16,698.75, not sure how well it will work but I sure will try… mayhaps I will alter it to be a little more realistic)
images (2)
I have not tested this one yet, nor do i think i will but if you do, please let me know exactly how much you get from it, and whether you think the style of bottle is important – I feel it would be a factor.





Quarters: Both of these are super fun to do with children, ( or so I am told). Give it a whirl!



Hints, tips, stuff and things:

YOU DON’T HAVE to follow any of these to a tee you can adjust them how you see fit, you can double or triple the amounts, if you are feeling adventurous.

Combine coin types, putting them all in the same jar, piggy bank. I.E. on day 19 of penny challenge, use a dime, nickel and 4 peniies, on day 30 use a quarter and a nickle.

If you are sticking to one challenge specifically and only want to use all pennies, all nickles, etc but don’t know what to do with the other change you get? throw them all in a separate jar and save it up for a year, see what you get! (0r separate jars for each coin and see what happens).

When you start getting into the dollars of the savings, which happens rather quickly even in pennies, get gold/silver dollars from the bank to save space!(maybe)

For each challenge, to make it easier, add up each week or month respectively and save in lumps.

These aren’t steadfast, and the goal is not to break your budget.  So do what is easiest for you.

IF you dont want thousands of jars lying around your house, you can transfer the money from checking to savings, most banks have a limit so only do it once a week or once a month, or bi weekly, as long as you saving the amount and keep track you will be fine and have tons of money left over!

My next post, which was supposed to post last week, will be the dollar challenges 😀 Are you prepared?!


♥ Sin


3 thoughts on “Money Matters Monday~ Keep The Change

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  1. I have a mug that I drop change in all the time. It became full and, while I still put change in, I feel free to take it out when needed. Currently, it is about 1/2 full. I have taken over $60 from it. Works well. Feels good.


    1. Well, of course 😀 totally not knocking that at all 😀 that’s another good way to do it ^,^ emergency funds are a great thing to have. That is what i would consider yours.

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