Tantalizing Tuesday: Cola Tea…

It’s that time of year again, the one where everyone gets sick AF for at least 3 months, I should have posted this around the first snowfall~ at least. but I didn’t, shame on me.

I failed already, I was supposed to post this yesterday, but got disctracted by anime XD ooops.


Anyway, Here goes… basically nothing!

Step one: Prepare ingredients~


1 12 oz can of cola

1-inch chunk of ginger, ground or sliced super thin

1/2 lemon sliced into rounds.

Step 1.5: put it all in a medium sauce pan. ~


This should serve 1 person. Double or triple the recipe, or however many people you are serving.


You could also use a tablespoon of lemon juice, and pre-ground ginger, but this is the ghetto version and in my opinion not as helpful something about the lemon peels being absent perhaps.

Step Two: Bring all ingredients to a boil ~


Step 2.5: Lower heat to keep a rolling simmer. Simmer for 5-10 minutes, the coke will reduce.  If you reduce it to a syrup, you fail… So don’t do that. I always do mine for exactly 7 minutes, unless its a bigger batch then I go full 10.

Give a little shtir~



Step three: Strain, in a mesh strainer if desired and into your favorite coffee cup~


Step four: Enjoy, CAREFUL IT’S HOT!~


Note: If serving to children, I would DEFINITELY strain it before serving.

Sinful Addition: Top with a bit of whipped cream and maybe some sprinkles. ~ This also makes it more appealing to tiny humans.

This recipe will soothe your cold symptoms, douse the fire in your throat for a while, and help you fight the buggies swimming in your immune system. it is full of Vitamin C, and other antioxidants. It’s sweet and spicy, and not fizzy! Apparently, it started in Hong Kong as a cold remedy but now is a widely popular drink. I can see why as I enjoy this homemade cold remedy. Be mindful of the ginger, it CAN over power the drink and at that point, you might as well chew on a ginger root. A note as I was making this for the pictures… Regular coke tastes better in this recipe than the diet. I was trying not to use all of my calories for the day. IT’S a good option, just adds to the medicinal taste.


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    1. 😀 hehe well, thank you 😀 it’s freaking amazing, i mean, if you add too much ginger it tastes like medicine more than anything, but this recipe should taste only slightly medicinal. 😀 the whipped cream though, that takes the dang cake.

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