Friday Fictioneers: Jake’s Invention

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

*~I hope the picture works I am writing from my cellular apparatus today. If you want to read more or post your own click the cute little froggy below~* 

Word count: 100

“You will never get it done! ” Eun-Ji, his wife, and lab mate scolded as she stormed out the door “It is not possible…”

Jake was so close he could feel it. After hitting a few cogs, tightening a few bolts it began whirring sweet nothings to him.

Wrapping a note around a rock he smirked, calling his wife as the rock disappeared.


“OW WHAT THE HELL…” The note on the rock said “Suck it..” “JAKE! YOU ASS!”

Jake had done what no other man had before: Won an argument against his wife (and invented a fully functional teleport).

16 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Jake’s Invention

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    1. Well, I mean.. you know…Even guys have to win atleast one time in their life or they get a complex.. Though… they use that for the rest of your lives XD “Well I was right once, was I not?” “YEAH ONE TIME JIM! ONE TIME.”

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    1. haha indeed she should Scott, funny you say that, I am sure he contimplated putting something bigger in the teleport, but he didn’t wish to kill the poor woman. This time. lol.

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