Song2StorySaturday: The Music Box (River Flows in you~Yiruma)

I love Yiruma’s work, very very beautiful music. This song doesn’t have any lyrics (except what is fan written). All the same I was able to make a story out of it. I hope you enjoy.

Amy walked through the old house, making lists of lists. Things she was going to sell, things she was going to keep, things she was going to give to family, which rooms needed an update.

She had to sell the place, she began to cry.

It had been 3 years already to the day since her mothers passing, she had tried to keep the home afloat, and not give it up, but she just couldn’t, her mediocre job wasn’t enough, property taxes were just too high.

When she finally made it to the attic, 6,000 sq ft the finished room was, she flipped the light but it was too dim to see anything. she walked across the room, and opened the curtain at the floor to ceiling window. Navigating around objects carefully. It had grown dark, and the moon had risen, illuminating the room as if it were Midday, That was why her mother had loved this attic so much. “The perfect place for to create magic” she would say.  The other three walls were covered with shelves and a fireplace. A few more free-standing shelves and display cases adorned the attic.

She could see many handmade trinkets in the room, it filled her with nostalgia. A moonbeam had hit something in the far corner, drawing Amy towards it.

She stopped when she saw the object. It was an amethyst music box.  Intricately carved, with her name on the top, painted in silver, as all the other carvings had been.

As she opened the box, music filled the room, inside the box, there was a key, carved from jade. and a note.

My dearest Amy,

I won’t be able to give you this when you turn 24, and I am sorry for that, but I love you so much, and I wanted to leave you something, Do you remember where the safe is? You will find all the answers you seek in there. Love always,


“The safe… ” She walked back to the window, and looked to her right, one of the shelves had a small figurine, of her mother on it, She took the figurine off the shelf and lifted the false board off the shelf, there was an etching in the real shelf that perfectly matched her jade key.

“Yes, mommy, I remember, but I’m not sure,” She said as put the key in the hole “if i remember how to open it.” She tried pulling the shelf and knocking on it, jumping up and down. “Open says me!…….UGH WHY WON’T YOU OPEN!” a few seconds later the music stopped and the shelf popped enough for her to pull open.

“Oh!” She had revealed the safe finally, no dial, or keypad, but there was a square the size of her music box top. Placing the top on the safe she heard a click, the door popped open. Inside, was a manilla envelope, and stacks of cash.

Unlocking her phone she called her realtor.”Sorry Bill, I would like to take my house off the market.”

She opened the manila envelope, “Final will of Anya Diedra Sandusky,” she read aloud “I thought we had already gone over the will..”

She opened it, There was another letter.

My Darling girl,

I know by the time you find this you will have been holding on for as long as you can, not wanting help from anyone, you have always been this way, stubborn and independent, you never asked for anything, and always earned everything you wanted, I am proud of the woman you are becoming, I hope you haven’t dropped out of culinary school, You would own a fine bakery, my guess is you are 24  or 25 now and you are running out of options. to keep the house afloat. Don’t worry, you won’t have to sell this place if you don’t want to, in the safe alone, is 1 million dollars, in this will, you will find that there is the deed to the house, Company, rights to keep all the money in the safe to spend how you see fit, and your inheritance, is in a trust fund. You are set for beyond the grave sweetheart, Please do me a favor and use it for whatever you need to use it for, and, take me on that trip around the world we were supposed to take when you turn 24, our tickets are already paid for, take someone in my stead, they are open-ended, you just have to change the name. I love you so very much and wish I could be there with you. Chase your dreams my dearest Amethyst. You’ve worked so hard for so long, I was a burden to you for so many years, even beyond the grave, please don’t let me burden any longer. All I ask is that when you open your bakery, please honor me by selling my trinkets too. Some of them are spoken for, the list and contact information is attached as well. Be happy, and remember to keep your music box SAFE. Don’t lose it. There is a chain that your pendant hooks too in this envelope as well, don’t lose that either, it is an heirloom. 

Love always, 


Amy read the letter and cried, She called her grandfather.

“Poppy, did you know about mommy’s will?”

” I did, when she brought it to me to notarized, she said’ you know our little Amy, will try until she can’t anymore to keep the house, let her do it her way. When the time is right she will find the keys she needs.”

” She knows me so well, I probably would have tried to give my money to charity before taking care of this place, but the will we went over when she died…?”

” That was actually just one page of it. I’ve had a full copy the whole time.”

” I miss her so much… Why couldn’t she win, we had so much money…”

“Sometimes, all the money in the world can’t save a person when god needs them to come home.”

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