Money Matters Monday: Clearance Doesn’t Make You Cheap~

It makes you smart. 

Shopping the clearance racks doesn’t make you cheap or poor, it makes you smart and means you know the value of a dollar.

I shop clearance as much as possible. Although addmittedly, I avoid black Friday like the plague. If you are brave enough to beat up a granny for that $50 100 inch 4k tv take advantage of that sale. Or folloe me, and make up for it on cyber Monday//week. It’s black Friday from the safety of our own home. Most stores will send to your local store for free or super cheap.


One my favorite sales to hit up are the post Xmas sales.

This year, what would have typically been almost $200  was only $85. That was with a couple things not being sale items. – $10 for two wrapping paper containers, $3 for a finishing hoop for cross stitching, $4 for some more embroidery floss(though I didn’t actually need it~ oops).  The rest was Xmas wrapping paper and boxes, and labels. Normally I would have bought the soap gift sets and other things marked down and saved them for next year or birthdays. This year, however, I knew it would be too much bulk when I moved. Where as the wrapping paper and stuff would cost me like $20-30 to ship when I do move.

For those of you who shop at huge brand stores watch circulars, and online sales… You could get your $100 Hollister stamped socks for $5.

Also join loyalty programs, collect points, save them up when you hit say 2 or 300 shop the clearance racks and save even more.

It’s all about shopping smart! ♡


2 thoughts on “Money Matters Monday: Clearance Doesn’t Make You Cheap~

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  1. My Dad always said 50% off of 200% is still 100%, but oh well.
    I shop clearance only for what I truly need. Amazon does me so well on most things.
    I do shop at Meijer’s (Walmart competitor here). I don’t shop at Walmart (go to my blog and find the post). But am in their spend $100, save $3 and they have good bargains online and in the mail.
    Yes, all about smart shopping, but my best one is to simply not buy unless I need or know I will use it soon.


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