Thankful Thursday: Writing (and Misstress)~

This week I am thankful for writing. It is a great escape for me. It always has been. Whether I’m writing something very real, or some fantasy involving amazing sex and burning orgasms. It has always helped me to pick up a pen and write and I am thankful for the ability to do such art.

This week I have been fighting depression to the max… So much so I have even avoided blogging because it felt too social. I had maybe left a couple comments on Facebook posts while scrolling, aimlessly, trying to find something to occupy my mind. I have been completely withdrawn from everyone.

Including my Misstress

Today, Misstress called me. It was the first time in about a week. I had heard her voice. Though she has been texting me all week, I never answered.

“Girl, you haven’t talked to me in quite some time. I am worried about you. This isn’t normal, even for you,  you always atleast say ‘I need alone time’ before leaving. I won’t force you to talk to me right now because I understand you very well. But I needed to hear your sweet voice, to make sure you were still alive. I will leave soon. But please WRITE. Everything stopping you from smiling. Please write it down and send it to me. No matter what it contains. Write it down, you will feel better. Goodbye sweet girl. Call me when you are ready to chat.”

And so, though it was merely suggestion, a plea to come back to her… my submissive switch was flipped, and I obeyed. I wrote everything down. Or rather, typed it, and sent it to her in an email. I (almost) immediately felt better. I had gotten everything off my chest and I could breathe again.

I am also thankful for Misstress’s intervention, I have been on the phone with her now for three hours, and it’s as if I hadn’t left her for darkness.

Thank you, Misstress, for reminding me that I need to let go of the negative and embrace the positive, and always have writing~

Now that I am back… I have a weeks worth of blogging to catch up on. Stay tuned!



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