Sinful Sunday~ You Got Mail: Dear Sir ~*18+*~

From: Amiliya Stars <>

To: Zven Winters <>

Date: Sunday, January 21, 2018

Re: HomeWork

Dear Sir, January 21st, 2018

I am writing you to you today, because I miss you. You have been gone for what seems forever even though it has only been a couple days. And also I have done my “Homework”, and am now submitting it to you.

I started the day with kegel exercises. I know why you insist on them, even though I am already extremely tight. The exercises made me cum. As a result, because it wasn’t you satisfying me, it left me even hornier, as you said it would.

I went for a walk and did all of my exercises all the while holding the kegels in, and those squats, Sir, they were maddening, but I practiced orgasm control. I am proud to say, that even though I came very close multiple times in that hour, I Did not release. A new record.

After my work out, I Changed into one of your favorite uniforms, and went to the studio. Upon entering, I went to the toy shelf, and unplugged Black rabbit, the one that is too big for my tight cavern. I took to the bed, and set the camera on a timer, stuck my ice cold hands in my panties and imagined you were here teasing me. Camera took a few stills. I got up and selected the best one for this email.


After, I set the camera on record, and inserted BR into my pussy, I started it on a low vibration, rocking my hips slowly so that it hit my clit. Once I felt my self edging I stopped to change the pattern, the orgasm had time to recede. Now it was pulsating, and i had increased intensity, I could hear your voice telling me not to cum yet, as you weren’t ready. So I changed positions, and slowly moved the toy, in and out, at a tantalizing speed, grazing my clit every so often. After about 15 minutes, I decided I couldn’t take it anymore, I was too close to exploding, I was losing control. I lowered the intensity, but increased the speed of the assault on my pussy, As my back arched, and I pulled out the toy as Orgasmed screaming your name, I rode the waves of my orgasm.

The video is attached, I do hope it enough to Satisfy you as you on your business trip, please be safe, and know that I adore you!

Please hurry home, Sir.. I will be waiting for you ;D~


~Forever, and Faithfully yours,


*Authors note: a prompt from a dear friend and follower. Also, I have decided to pretend last week didn’t exist as far as writing goes. Bad practice? Yes, but I will make up for it as much as possible this week…should anyone actually care whether I stick to my goals or not. Please enjoy. photos are NOT mine, all credit goes to the photographers, whomever they may be.*

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      1. i never said i wasnt 😛 but I totally wouldn’t mind looking something like the girls on those pics. hahaha. I think they are a little too skinny for my taste.

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