Thankful Thursday: “Family”

I have my bio family… and I have my “family”… My “family” is small and comprised of only a few people. My best friend/sister, my ex, and a couple if his friends, and tei of yhe girl friends…and 3 tiny humans, 4 if you count the tiny human I baby sit. We are A tight knit and impenetrable group. We’ve been through more shit and trolls and assfuckery than any human should even be able to fathom. And yet I trust these people with my life. We have no biological ties, except the three tiny humans, we could easily all part ways, and we have separated before, because things just got too overwhelming. But once someone left, they were always allowed to come back and it’s as if they never left…

All of this is more than I could say for most of my biological family. They never understood me the way my “Family” does.

I am thankful for this small group today, because, they have saved me from myself time and again, and also more recently, the ex offered( after my sister told him some things) to let me stay with him when I move, which is better than the other deals I have been offered. And he lives really close to both school and work. ♡

The only problem I see with this… is keeping my feelings in check. because in all honesty, I am still madly in love with this man… Wish me luck. >,>

I am thankful for them all because they fight for those they love or care for, they never judge, unless given reason, help when they can with out expecting a thing in return.

If any if you ever happen to read this.. Thank you for being you, and existing, allowing me to be a part of your life, and I can’t wait to see you!


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