You have four lives, are you living this one happily?

                            An accurate representation of my great grandmother’s property                         (Derived from Google, original source unknown)

~Disclaimer: I am in no way saying you should believe anything contained herein, I am simply giving you  food for thought.~


One warm mid-day, middle of Nowhere, Oregon. On the cusp of April’s waning, and May’s waxing moons. While the other kids were chasing cattle and wrestling, undoubtedly in cow pies, I was in the garden with my great-grandmother, sowing, watering seeds, planters starters we had grown in the greenhouse over winters cold hours. Later we would harvest and enjoy the small crop and flowers we were planting. I didn’t realize it then, but this was the beginning of an important life lesson I would carry with me for the rest of my life.

“Four lives, sweet girl, Four lives, that is all you are given, and you must live all of them as if you only have one.” I must have looked at her confused because she giggled. My great- grandmother was always saying odd things I didn’t understand, like “If you can smell it, it has 10 minutes before it starts to burn” or “Don’t cry over spilled milk.” This one though, really had me stumped.

The belief, which ties in with the belief of reincarnation, according to Google, is very widespread (though variegated through a wide spectrum) theory.

This theory is also seen in the South Korean drama “Goblin: The Great and Lonely God. (Photo Courtesy of heartinseoul)

The general theory is this:

In life one: You sow your seeds

In life two: You water those seeds

In life three: You reap what you have sown

In life four: You enjoy your harvest.

How you live each one determines your soul’s eternal happiness, and each life affects the other.

If you plant the wrong seeds in life one, maybe it will not be so tragic, it could be easily fixable, but in your next life you will suffer a bit and may even have to replant entire fields, in order to get crop harvest you desire.

If in life two you forget to water or weed, by life three you don’t have a very bountiful crop to harvest, because you didn’t take care.

By life four you should be happy and not be living in misery because of past choices. Enjoying the fruits of your labors in a past life, this is the one meant full of good karma and, little strife.

This is your defining hour. The moment your soul’s eternal fate comes to pass. Will you go to Heaven or Hell? Be cursed to wander the earth as a spirit due to unfinished business? Maybe a fate far worse than that which is fathomable by any human mind. Keep in mind, you have NO idea (usually, but we will save this for another time) which life you are living.

This is why you should live life as if you are only given one (which most believe is most accurate).

 I Challenge, no, I fall to my knees, to beg you: change what makes you unhappy, if it’s broken it can be fixed. Don’t give up. Whether you have one life left, four, a cat with nine lives, or are a character in a game with unlimited respawns, it is way too short to live unhappily in misery. Live each day as if it is your last. Live life like it is the only one you will live. 

Life is beautiful, smile and live happily.

So that you may enjoy the random “luck shot” you manage snap while going 60 mph in the middle of a road trip

Or the beauty of the world….

Like walking behind a waterfall
Silver Falls (Sublimity, Oregon.)

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