Sizzlin’ Saturdays *wk 3(my first)* ~*18+*~

This is a weekly prompt started by Naughty Nora, one of my favorite blogs to read, the questions are fun and sexy! Use caution if you are under 18 or prudish *winks*  This is my first week, And its been going for 3 ish weeks, so I am pulling a couple questions from the first two because they were good questions/prompts and I wanted to answer them. Edit: Sooo I THOUGHT this had posted, but found it sitting here waiting for me to confirm posting. XD haha oops. 

Here are the questions from this week.

Where is the most arousing/sensitive area on your body?

Everywhere? I am hypersensitive to touch, so literally, any touch will arouse me. Well, any sensual touch, normal touching is just normal touching. But also, my eardrum. What I mean is, all I need is to hear your voice (if you are my lover or someone I am super attracted to) and my panties will be insta-soaked.

What is your preferred style for pubic hair and why?  

Bald is preferable, because um, who wants a mouthful of netherhair? Yea, not me.  Sometimes I have a soul patch, but that all depends on what my partners request, but I will NEVER have more hair than that.

What is one sexual/sensual act that you feel quite confident doing for your partner? 

Massage, with happy ending, of course, *winks*.

Questions from the first two sizzlin’ Saturdays.

What is a sure-fire way for your partner to get you in “the mood”.

I honestly can’t answer this because I’m always in the mood even when I don’t want to be touched, I want to be touched.

Where is the most unusual or kinkiest place you have ever fooled around/had sex?

Erm, the pulpit of an empty church. It was far from a holy experience.

Describe the most embarrassing moment you’ve had in the sack 🙂

*Thinks reallllllyyyyy hard* It would have to be the time, I was playing with my ex-girlfriend and screamed out my Korean Teacher’s name… Hey he was hot… I also found out that he was her cousin. When she asked me who he was.

What memory do you have, the one you re-visit and find yourself grinning to, of your earliest sensual experience?

EARLIEST? The earliest sucked, the good ones didn’t come until recently. the earliest of my fondest ones I remember, I was with an ex, and his momma walks in, sees me and says  in her thick Vietnamese accent.”WHY YOU NOT TELL ME YOU HAVE GIRL FRIEND! HOW LONG YOU HAVE? WHY YOU HIDE HER! GET DRESSED AND INTRODUCE ME! THAT POSISITION IS WRONG!” … THIS MAKES ME LAUGH every time, I loved his mother for the entirety of our relationship.

What is the most common fantasy that plays out in your mind which brings you to orgasm?

So many, but “Blood bonding” is the top of my list, where we both take a little of the others blood simultaneously.

What is one act, that unsolicited, you’d like your lover to do to you during sex?

Take my blood, just a little, bite my lip hard enough and lick the blood, is this too much to ask?

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    1. I domt have an about page?! I think I do actually but its named something different. I was in the middle of revamping when my computer fried T.T
      But thank you for the ♡♡♡♡


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