Sizzlin’ Saturdays…

ONE of these days actually post on a Saturday πŸ˜›

1. Describe your favorite sex toy and what it does for you.

Eh. Personally, anything but actual skin on skin does nothing for me. Unless its for foreplay, then it can be fun, the most toys do for me is feel good, but i could use them for hours and not become satisfied. Though, my netherregions would be super relaxed. Like they had a spa day.

I only own one toy. So I guess my favorite would be the one I have. It is black, and has a few speeds and functions… its a very tight fit, which is nice, its a standard size vibrator with a cute little rabbit on it. I usually just crank it up to high, for both the shaft and the rabbit. It feels good but just makes me hornier. Ocassionally i use the other settings, but stilll no real results.

2. What is one of your hard limits and why?

Anal play. Ass holes are just disgusting no matter how clean they are. There are only a couple exceptions to this but they are so strict it’s easier just to make it a hard limit.

3. Is there anything sex related that you have never tried but would like to? Details please!
Mmmm… I would like a Dom, and a Domme, at the same time. I’ve had both but I would really like them to co-dom me.

I also wouldn’t mind trying to co-sub with another person but this type of sharing my dom/me scares me because what if the other sub is better and I get dismissed? Atleast with co-doms the other isn’t fighting for his attention.

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