Staring contest with a Stranger

As you all know, I am traveling,

Currently In Fort Collins, Colorado… Just got out of Wyoming, I am not a fan of this particular state… but there are some lovely views in some areas. Like this one…

The boys are discovering new things..

And one of my fellow bus dwellers, is dressed nicely…

But hes also wearing fuzzy jamma pants under his clothes. GO YOU RANDOM BUS DWELLER..

But the most interesting thing about Wyoming? The new arrival.

I was sitting in my seat the bottom balf of my face covered by my jacket that im using as a blankie.

The new arrival sits kitty corner from me and looks at me briefly, then goes through his phone, pulling up pages, he sits sideways, toward the aisle I can see his phone clearly, he’s scrolling through fetlife.

Obviously not the guy, this guy couldnt be less interested in me, all credit to owner of this pic.

A few seconds later, he looks right at me.. Just stares, I try to ignore him and pull up my RP server on discord.

A more accurate representation of his intense gaze. All credit to owners

I can feel his gaze, seering the side of my face. finally I give in, and stare back at him. For like 3 minutes… We stare, theoretically we should be falling love at this moment.

“I know those eyes…”

Me: *blinks* “what?”

“Sin? Er that, Pandora now…”

Me: uhhhh…. yeeaahhhh

“I love your blog”

Me: Thank you! *pretty sure I blushed* I love meeting my readers!

“You are gifted, you should do more than blog, put yourself on a shelf, girl!”

Me: *Smiles and pulls out my phone.*

“I hope you aren’t blogging about this…”

Me: Oh please, I am not that petty… *smirks*

Dear staring reader, I am currently writing something I hope to have published “soon”. THANK YOU for providing me with something to write about ♡

Safe travels ma dude!

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