Friday Fictioneers: Alessia’s Vanity

Photo credit: Nathan Sowers

It’s been a minute since I’ve done one of these. For those who don’t know , FF is a weekly photo prompt challenge where you write a complete story in 100 words or less~ based on or inspired by the photo. Thank you Rochelle for hosting this every single week ♡ If you would like to participate or read more click the wittle fwoggy! 

Genre: Somesort of moralistic fiction?

Word count: 99

“Come,” he whispered “Come, be the most beautiful of them all.”

She looked into the old mirror again.

“Alessia, join us…” He whispered once more.

Her eyes lit as if lightening had struck. Smiling wickedly she mused “Yes, I am the best, absolute, perfect, and most beautiful.” Suddenly dizzy, she landed with a thud in an empty, fetid, dilapidated shack

“Ew…Where am I?”

“Narcissa.” the voice replied.

“Ali! You have..” Alessandra stopped, looking around, landing her gaze at the vanity, smirking as her sister desperately tried to escape.

“I told you, dear sister, your vanity would consume you..”

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