Dangerous Love (1- Intro)~*18+~*

WARNING: This story is completely taboo, upon clicking “read more” you agree to jump down the rabbit hole. Enjoy. Also, I would like to thank one of my nearest and dearest friends for the idea, I was looking for something “different” and I got it. ♥

August, 23rd 2014, was a dark and stormy day for a husband and his two grown kids: Zayne, 24 and Anya, 18. This was the day, that Elisa, their beloved mother and wife, was laid to rest at just age 45. She had died from cancer of the lung, even though she had never touched a cigarette in her life.

It was a funeral service like every other, the preacher said some things, family and friends recounted memories, everyone cried, threw a white rose,and a scoop of dirt into the grave. Scoop by scoop she was buried. With each scoop, each proverbial marble of Nigel, the father, was buried as well. None of them knew it then, but this would also be the death of the fathers sanity, and the children’s well beeing.

August 23rd, 2015, it’s been a year, and life has slowly been getting shittier for Zayne, and Anya. Nigel is constantly drunk and lost his job, and aggressive towards Zayne. Zayne has dropped out of med school to take a full time job to support his sister and father, so that Anya can go through college.

August 23rd, 2017, 3 years have passed, Zayne has been saving as much as he can to get himself and his sister out of their situation. Nigel has gotten worse, if they can hold on just a little longer, they can leave….

August 25th, 2017~

“Anya!” Zayne calls for his little sister, Nigel is passed out on the couch as usual. He smells blood… “FUCK! ANYA ANSWER ME!!!” Zayne begins to panic.

“Zayne” he barely hears his sisters reply, he follows her voice “Zayne…” her voice almost a haunting whisper. THE KITCHEN! Running to the kitchen the crimson stentch is closer now, falling to his knees he pulls Anya to him cradling her paling body close to him trying to warm her, careful not to move the knife in her gut. “Zayne” a struggling whisper escapes her “so tired”. Zayne calls 911.

September 1st, 2017, A new lease on life. Zayne has put together an apartment for them while anya lays in the hospital and Nigel rests easy in jail. Too cushy if Zayne has a say.

December 20th, 2017, Christmas season,just the two of them, cozy by the fake fire place, Anya returned to school and caught up after missing the first two weeks. She now has her 4.0 status back. They are happy. Anya has also taken up a waiting job at a late night diner, ‘Sandies’. Zayne never visits Anya at work because the place is owned by the cuntastic Luna, his ex, but she makes good money there, and zayne was able to drop one of his 3 jobs, even though he feels bad, he can now go to night school to get back on track with his medical degree…

This is their story.

Look out for part 2 ^,^.

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