DANGEROUS LOVE (2) ~*18+*~

WARNING: This story is completely taboo, upon clicking “read more” you agree to jump down the rabbit hole. Enjoy.

Our medium sized, 3 bed 2 bath apartment is decorated to the max with Christmas decorations, lights, mistletoe, a small nativity scene made of little hand-carved figures our mommy had made when we were little. Daddy- that vile man- had accidentally broken the glass ones my brother and I were meant to inherit. Our tree stands in the far left corner of our living room area, it is decorated with mostly all handmade ornaments from our life, it’s the first year since mom passed that we actually have decorations and a chance to safely celebrate.

I made a gingerbread village set this morning, it’s cooling but the scent still lingers in the small space. I am also preparing hot chocolate. It feels as if mom is here.

Zayne should be home any moment now, I place his presents under the tree (with the exception of a few from Santa of course). Turn on some Christmas music and have the hot cocoa poured, whipped, sprinkled, a candy cane poking out and just as Zayne walks in, I stick the chocolate straws in and carry the hot cocoa out on a tray.

“Mom?” Zayne’s eyes light up and he smiles. I am wearing a red sweater dress, leggings, slippers and mom’s old apron, my hair is down and curled. he tells me every day I got lucky and that I look just like her, he’s angry he looks like our father, we’ve had to replace the mirror in the hall bathroom 3 times already…  I think he looks more like mommy though.

“No, ZZ, just your silly kid sister.”

“You look just like her, and the apartment is just how she would have it, with hot chocolate and cookies and the gingerbread ready to be assembled.” Tears threatened to stain his cheeks.

“It’s our first real Christmas since mom passed and you’ve been so angry lately… Is it too much?” I set the cocoa on the table and he pulls me into an embrace.

“No, no, little sister it is perfect. I can’t wait to celebrate our birthday and favorite holiday with you.”

I smiled as of I were a child again, and wiggled out of his arms.

“This village isn’t going to build itself you know.”

We spent the next 4 hours building our village before I had to go to work.

“I will be home around 4 am, get plenty of sleep! You promised we could go ice skating tomorrow!”

“Yeah yeah.” Groaning he smiled. He’s always hated ice skating but always goes anyway.

15 minutes later and I’ve gotten to work. I say hello to my “boss” Luna. She tells me I’m performing tonight, not waiting, something I’ve come to expect, I rarely Wait tables, unless I am expecting my brother to show up, or a fellow waitress shows up. I go to the changing room and change into a skimpy Santa Dress, then take the elevator to the third floor, walk across a small sky bridge and walk into Seven’s Gentlemen’s Club. The sky bridge leads directly to the dressing room, where our outfits and masks are.

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