Human Interaction!

Hey guys!

Thank you all for reading, liking, commenting, following my blog.

hopefully I can remain active now that things have settled down a fair amount.

I need your help.

Many of you know I take a song, and turn it into a story.

Song2story Saturdays are really fun, but I can never pick a song… So this is where you come in.

What is your favorite song?

What songs do you think would make a good story?

What kinds of song to stories would you like to see?

Do you like dark, light, fantasy, realistic?

Other ideas for songs to stories?

Let me know in comments!

Also a lot of you know me as Sin, queen of demons, others are new and know me as Pandora, I accept either name, and I will still be writing as both. (: The box was meant as more of  metaphor because this blog became more than just a diary, it became mysterious and full of wonder and chaos, much like Pandora, Sin got curious and opened the box. I Didn’t expect Pandora to create a life of her own but now that she has She is just as important as Sin.


Why do developers make their perfectly good apps “better” by destroying them?

♡ Love you all!


6 thoughts on “Human Interaction!

Add yours

  1. There are many narrative songs that can easily be turned into a story/script. Right now, I’m stuck on Empty by Ray Lamontagne. How about Zombie by The Cranberries? I’ve always enjoyed story songs. It takes on more substance, esp when you hear so many songs that basically have three or four lines that are repeated ad nauseam.

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    1. Hmm I havent heard that first one, Zombie might be a good one, I also was thinking of “The Sound of Silence”
      You are right, there are so many songs that can be done, which is why itz so hard for me to decide.

      Someone emailed me a response: ” The night the lights went out in Georgia” Aahhh that one IS a story already and also has a movie, songs like this would be too easy (for anyone reading comments).


  2. Addendum: What say you to recorded versions of my blogs? It would be a lengthy process, but it would also be fun…
    Would it defeat the purpose of blogging? Would be good? IF I do it, do I just link it the original post, or do I have a separate section for Recorded versions? What do you think?


    1. I mentioned on Visions that I “heard” it while I was reading. Could make a lovely song, if not a spoken word piece. As to defeating the blog, many have a VLOG page (I guess the precursor to Podcasts). Set up a new page on this site, do the audio work, and see how it goes.


      1. Hmm, okay! I will take this into consideration whilst considering the thinks I’m thoughting! (: Thanks, Doll!


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