Friday Fictioneers: The Dollhouse

Photo Prompt: J Hardy Carroll

Friday fictioneers Hosted by Rochelle. To read more and/or make every word count, click the little Froggy!

Word Count: 100

The intricately carved doll house,  it resembled a castle, it contained the fanciest and most cushy furniture. The windows opened and were tapestered with the finest fabric.

Millie, only six years old, took her dolls from room to room, on fantastical journeys, random passages lead to other dimensions.

Today, on the 6th ding on the tower’s clock, Janessa, her best friend, would be coming for tea.

We MUST hurry she told her told her dolls, as she dressed them and herself in fancy princess dresses and set the tea table.

On que Janessa came, picking up her dolls.

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