Friday Fictioneers: Sidney’s Revenge

Photo Prompt Courtesy of Dale Rogerson

Make every word count, Go to Rochelle’s site to get the prompt. To read more or read more click the adorable froggy!

Word Count: 100

Captain Killian Klunk and his crew had been at sea for months.

“Arrr, 23rd times a charm, aye, Polly?”.

His parrot, Sidney, sighed and rolled his eyes. Why did he stay with the daft captain?

“Land ahead, Prepare t’ dock!” Finally, they had begun to port at Silca bay.

They stepped to the docks, a gust of wind stole Klunk’s Captain hat, to Davey Jones’ Locker.

“Arrr!!! Me hat!”

Sidney’s saw his chance.
“I got it captain!” Off he flew, and back he came with a beautifully colored umbrella. “Yer new hat” Sidney smirked.

” I love it!”

Sidney Face-palmed.

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    1. I actually thought talk like a pirate day was in October so I just wrote it cuz how funny would it be. but then someone pointed out it was talk like a pirate day and I was like. “oh my inner pirate must have known” lol


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