Friday Fictioneers: The Coffee Party

Photo Prompt courtesy of Priorhouse

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Word count: 100

Melodii donned a floral sundress and white flats, her hair half up, fastened with a silk rose mirroring those on her dress, the rest curled, light make up.

“Come on in, Y’all!” She greeted her guests warmly. They all hugged her and returned the warm greeting.

They were all enjoying themselves, the goodies, company, and coffee, just as they did annually at her parties.

Departing, and hugging her in thanks,

Just like every year before, not one uttering the words she wanted to hear.

“Happy 27th birthday, Melodii!” She said sitting down, fresh coffee in hand, sighing “Thanks Melodii.”


(((Melodii is my twin, I must grab her and celebrate our birthday today)))

46 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: The Coffee Party

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    1. I haven’t any idea, someone should have put it together by now I would think. I’m sure she doesn’t state that it’s a birthday party… Also, my sister forgot my birthday this year ( not that I’m complaining. To me it’s not a big deal). I am still sticking with her friends are surprising her later!
      AND thank you!!

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    1. HAHAHA, I DON’T celebrate much more my self I just buy some wine, cheese cake, sushi and call it good. Sometimes I am able to spend it with my nearest and dearest and that’s just fine, this year I was unable to do that physically this year, I spent a lot of time in video calls and phone calls between classes.

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  1. I believe she might have been. I’ve been there and it definitely depression. Though now, as long as I get my wine, cheese cake and sushi, and maybe some time with my nearest and dearest, whether they actually wish me a happy birthday or not its ok. I feel like she will have a better next year when she realizes it’s not that big of deal.

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