Friday Fictioneers: Denied

Photo prompt courtesy of Sandra Crook

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Genre: Realistic Fiction

Word Count: 97

She looked at the cuff bruise on her wrist.

She relived the last night she had spent with master. 

Orgasm: Denied 

Her face throbbed where he had bitten her

She felt the fear again.

Her shirt chaffed her bust.

The anger emanating from him. 

Safe Word: Denied

Sitting was impossible. 

She wasn’t ready for this punishment. 

Trust: Denied

 She had never been petrified.  He was relentless tonight, she rendered powerless. 

Her soul shattered.

Subspace: Denied...

She took in the dismal display at the science museum…

It mirrored her innerself..

Cold, Lifeless, ugly, pointless, Scattered, neglected…





21 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Denied

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    1. Thank you, and I definitely agree. I hope she has taken the proper measures in leaving, and having him taken care of, and having herself looked at as well. But even if she has, unfortunately she would still feel this way for quite some time I could have gone lighter, and she could remember how she felt years ago.

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  1. Na’ama says “If she has any self-esteem left, she would know that he’d crossed all boundaries that allow any trust, and she’d leave. Now.”
    And I agree; what you describe is neither safe, nor sane, nor consensual.
    And yet I fear you’re writing about someone who wants exactly what you describe, and it’s her dreadful misfortune to have entered a relationship with a man who is prepared to gratify his own lust by giving it to her.
    You have described someone who is mentally ill, and needs to obtain medical help as fast as they possibly can.
    Your story is horrible, but well written and powerful. BTW I was surprised you hadn’t labelled it 18+.
    With best wishes

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    1. Unfortunately it happens though. I feel like it honestly could happen in any relationship whether bdsm or vanilla. I feel like her master might have gone off his nutter. And I agree what has happened to her violates every rule of every contract and law of basic human rights. He will most definitely abuse his power, and her, again. Hopefully she’s smart enough to leave, and possibly have him arrested and committed because even in the fet world he’s committed a great sin.
      Also I was debating whether to label it or not.
      Thank you for your comment, Penny. ^,^

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      1. Well, yes, you get abuse in vanilla relationships too. But your story makes me wonder how a BDSM relationship can boost anyone’s self-esteem. You show clearly that in this instance the sub is motivated by feelings of deep inadequacy, which have become pathological probably because of her involvement in the scene. To me, a relationship is something where you do everything possible for the good of your partner, including making sure that they feel great about themselves. Vanilla tastes like a good flavour from here!

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      2. Weelll you have a good point. ^,^ I enjoy both lifestyles, but only if they are executed respectfully, and safely. Hmmm as for the self-esteem aspect that is hard to answer in all honesty. From my POV. as a submissive I’m giving all control to my dominate, which I love because it actually gives me a lot of my own power. but I’m still pleasing my partner which in turn pleases me. the self esteem for me comes from the look they give me when I’m in “uniform” and the praises they give me before after and during.

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  2. Definitely a contract gone wrong here. I felt she has been stripped of her self-worth, which is not the goal in these relationships. This Dom has turned and should be stopped. My heart bleeds for her.

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  3. Boundaries, trust, crossing the line, how far is too far? One transgression opens the door to the next and the next and ever downward spiral. Hopefully, she has the good sense to realize the descent into hell. Nicely written/


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