Ciara’s Gift.

Photo courtesy of J. S Brand 

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Word count: 100.

She didn’t know much about Ciara,

Who said to her simply,

“For papa’s wood carving.”

Miss Betty had seen Ciara in her hardware store before.

The towns folk all had theories about her.

Said she only ventured out,

“For Papa”.

Some mused she was touched, reclusive,

A failure, eccentric…

Papa was highly respected in town.

Tonight at his 30th anniversary as town mayor,

the people, all assembled…

Ciara, on stage, tapped the mic,

A speech she had prepared.

“For my Papa.”

Unveiling an intricately carved pillar.

“My stars!”

For just this morning they knew,

It was only a log.

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    1. They really are. I know many people who are like this. My sister is one of them ^,^ shes completely “normal” but quiet unless she trusts you. So for some reason… everyone is always amazed when shes done weaving her magic lol

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