It’s an FML day…

TODAY, I was supposed to be on a bus back to idaho, for an extended visit.

But absolutely everything that could go wrong. Has.

First, I woke up late (ok so this was my bad) but I still had a good four hours before I had to be at the bus station. Then, my suitcase busted…. So I just left it and told my sister to send me my clothes tomorrow.

Well if that wasn’t enough, my carryon bag handle also snapped and all of the stuff scattered on the ground…. so the bus I needed to get to the greyhound, left me even though they could have waited a few seconds for me to gather my things and hop on. So I had to wait for a half hour, for the next one. I MADE IT to the light rail….

Well…. I could have made it on time ish to get on the greyhound…. BUT. There was a 10 minute delay because of an altercation on the train in front of us…. ahh

h city life….

So when I got off at the stop…. I had missed my greyhound by 30 secinds i literally watched it pull out… and drove off woth out me.

“No big deal” I said to myself.. I’ll just change my ticket….

WELL, I only have $5 in cash and my fucking card has a hold on it because the system is ficked up and they said it wont be fixed until tomorrow…. and there’s only one bus a day that goes to boise…..

And so far no one can lend me $15…

Its been a horrible dau i just want to cry.

Ok end rant ^,^

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